This month, there was a school shooting in Santa Clarita, California. A student, on his 16th Birthday, brought a handgun to school and shot five of his classmates, killing two of them. When police started closing in, he turned the gun on himself.

Democrats immediately pounced, demanding that Republicans pass more gun control. But the calls for gun control made no sense. A child cannot legally buy or possess a handgun in California, it is already illegal. Making it double-illegal wouldn't have changed anything.

Well, now we know more about how the teenager got a gun: he built it himself.The school shooter bought parts online and manufactured his own firearm.

And with that, Democrats had everything they needed to demand Republicans pass legislation banning what the Left calls "Ghost Guns." Basically, a "Ghost Gun" is nothing but a homemade gun. Americans have been making their own firearms ever since the Colonial Period. But now, Democrats want to make it illegal.

The Left is now demanding that Congress pass H.R. 1266, the Ghost Guns are Guns Act. And it is just as bad as we thought!

The Ghost Guns are Guns Act is just two pages long. It would change the Federal definition of a "firearm" to include "any combination of parts designed or intended for use in converting any device into a firearm and from which a firearm may be readily assembled."

Right now, the ATF defines a firearm as any device that has been manufactured more than 80% of the way towards becoming a gun. If a manufacturer stops precisely at 80%, then it is not legally a firearm. Any law-abiding American can purchase one and complete the final 20% on their own.

The ATF's definition is fair. It also ensures that Americans can access the parts they need to repair a firearm without being forced to jump through hoops to get them.

But H.R.1266 would change that. Any combination of parts designed to create or assemble a firearm would be reclassified as firearms. 

The Federal government lists 20 different parts that make up the typical firearm. If you want to build an AR-15, in addition to the receiver itself, you would need at least 27 parts to make it functional.

The Democrats' bill would redefine each of these 27 parts, even the tiny detents and springs, as firearms. If you were to buy each part individually, then you would have to undergo 27 background checks just to put together a functional receiver. Dozens more if you wanted to build out the entire gun piece by piece.

Democrats know that criminals won't obey the law. It was already illegal for the Santa Clarita student to build a gun. The fact that he chose to manufacture a firearm to carry out his attack shows just how far criminals will go to get the weapons they need.

But this is about more than just punishing gun owners. This is about more than just making it harder and more expensive to build a firearm from scratch. This is about control. That is why Democrats are also trying to fast-track a second bill: H.R.3265, the 3D Printed Gun Safety Act. This bill would make it a Federal crime to share blueprints or instructions that explain the steps to build a gun. So not only do Democrats want to make it a crime to build a gun, but they also want to make it illegal to know how to build a gun...

We all know what the Democrats' ultimate gun control goal is: complete civilian disarmament. But that will never be possible if Americans are allowed to build their own firearms.

By banning homemade guns, the Left would be able to force all Americans to go through the regulated process of acquiring a weapon. And if the Democrats eventually get their way and pass a universal background check bill, then the government would have the power to monitor and record all firearm transfers. It would be impossible for any law abiding American to get a gun without the government knowing about it.

And with a complete gun registry, Democrats would have everything they need to finally carry out their confiscation goals...

But before they can create a universal gun registry... before they can launch door-to-door confiscation raids... the Left has to ban homemade firearms. And now that a homemade gun has been used in a high profile shooting, the Democrats think they can push their ban through!

Don't let the Dems push through their Backdoor Gun Ban legislation! Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they kill H.R. 1266, H.R. 3265, and any other bill designed to outlaw homemade firearms!

A lot of the support that elected Republicans have for the 2nd Amendment comes from industry pressure. Groups like the NRA may represent gun owners, but they also represent manufacturers, distributors, and dealers. And the firearm industry would be more than happy to turn a blind eye and allow the government to ban homemade firearms. They want Americans to have to buy their firearms, not build their own.

While that is a fair business stance, it would be catastrophic to your right to keep and bear arms.

But as long as the Republicans aren't feeling pressure, they won't stand against H.R.1266 or H.R.3265. Remember, the GOP is still eager to "do something on guns." They see this homemade gun ban as a chance to pass gun control without angering too many gun owners.

The vast majority of gun owners don't bother with building their own firearms, so the GOP thinks they can get away with signing away a fundamental right.

That is why it is more important than ever before for you to fight back!

aThe Democrats know that this is their best chance to get their gun ban bill through. If you care about preserving and protecting the 2nd Amendment, you MUST hold Congress' feet to the fire right now and order them to KILL this bill!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily