This past week, Donald Trump formally began the process of withdrawing from the United Nations' Paris Climate Treaty.

This was the treaty that Barack Obama illegally signed without Congressional approval. Then he proceeded to implement the treaty's terms by executive order and raided the Treasury to send a billion d ollars to the UN to help them implement the treaty overseas. Obama had originally promised the UN 3 billion, but Trump took office before Obama could disburse the rest.

When Trump tried to withdraw from the treaty back in the summer of 2017, the United Nations said 'no.' You see, when Obama signed the treaty, he agreed to the UN's terms. In order to withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty, the United States needs to send the United Nations two formal letters.

Trump sent the first letter this past week. That letter formally notified the UN that the US is withdrawing. But the second letter cannot be sent until next November, precisely one day after the 2020 election. This is by design. The Obama administration wanted to make sure that if Trump won, he would need to win a second term to actually withdraw from the unconstitutional treaty.

Democrats, however, aren't so confident. It is looking more and more like Trump will win re-election and be able to dismantle the UN Climate Treaty once and for all.

So, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are taking action. They are now forcing a vote to block Trump from ever being able to finish the withdrawal!

The Founding Fathers gave Congress the Power of the Purse. If Congress disagrees with a particular policy, they can block any Federal funds from going to it.

That is precisely how Democrats now plan to save the Obama-UN Climate Treaty. In the next week and a half, Congress must pass a bill to fund the State Department. Otherwise, the country's entire foreign policy apparatus would shut down. 

Democrats have snuck an amendment onto page 220 of the 232 page bill that would prohibit Trump from finishing the withdrawal process.

"None of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this Act, or prior Acts making appropriations for the Department of State, foreign operations, and related programs, may be used to provide formal notification under Article 28 of the Paris Agreement of the withdrawal of the United States from such Agreement."

If this single sentence gets passed into law, then Obama's signature would become permanent. It would be illegal for President Trump to withdraw from the UN's climate treaty.

Democrats promised they would stop Trump from tearing the treaty up. This is how they plan to do it.

The Left has already slipped their amendment into the bill. If it passes as-is, then it is all over. The Obama-UN treaty would become permanent.

It is up to you to stop this surrender!

Rise up and fight before it's too late! Tell Congress right now they MUST remove this UN surrender provision from the State Department spending bill... or else!

The Founders put the Treaty Clause into the Constitution for a reason. In order for an international treaty to become binding, US law, two-thirds of the United States need to ratify it.

But Obama never sought Congress' consent. He signed it on his own and implemented and funded it by executive order.

Now that Donald Trump is pulling the plug, Democrats are trying to make Obama's signature permanent. Not with a two-thirds vote, but with a simple majority.

They want to completely bypass the Treaty Clause to surrender even more of our sovereignty to the United Nations. It is disgusting.

Here is the worst part. The Establishment is counting on you not paying attention to what they're doing. With all eyes on the impeachment hearings, they think they can sneak this surrender bill through without you paying attention.

But now, you know. You know how the Dems and GOP plan to save the Obama-UN climate treaty.

And unless you fight back right now, they are going to get away with it!

Stop them,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily