Democrats are furious.

We reported last week that Senate Democrats blocked a key immigration bill -- the Secure and Protect Act -- to close the asylum loopholes at the border by simply refusing to show up for hearing. Under the Senate Judiciary Committee rules, if there are not at least two Democrats present, legislation cannot be pushed out of committee.

Well, last week, Lindsey Graham had to table the bill. But just yesterday, when Democrats actually showed up to the next hearing, he used his power as chairman to push it through.

The Leftists on the committee were livid. They were tricked into attending the hearing because they believed that the bill wouldn't come up. The, the minute they walked in the door, Graham used the quorum to push it through the committee

This is a big deal because if this bill passes, it will solve the crisis at our border once and for all. That is why Democrats are fighting so hard against it.

And that is why it is so important for you to push back and pressure the GOP get it passed!

Join the Fight! Tell Congress right now that any Congressman or Senator who votes against the Secure and Protect Act will be removed from office!

The legislation would, primarily, do three things.

(1) Hire 500 new immigration judges to eliminate the backlog of asylum court cases. There are so many illegal aliens trying to take advantage of the asylum system that it now takes more than 730 days for a case to make it before a judge. That is two years. Illegal aliens know that the government doesn't have the space or funds to detain them all for two years. So, even if they are caught entering illegally, claiming asylum guarantees that they will be released before they ever go before a judge. This bill would eliminate the backlog by adding 500 immigration judges to the bench.

(2) Change the Flores Settlement to allow Border Patrol and ICE to detain illegal alien children and family units for 100 days, instead of the current cap of 20 days. Right now, the government has to release illegal alien children after 20 days. Human and drug smugglers know this. Illegal aliens know this. The result is that illegal aliens are now using children to force their way into the country. 

And since there is such a massive backlog, the 20-day cap guarantees that illegal aliens who show up to the border with children will be released into the country, even if the children aren't actually theirs... Just last month, smugglers were caught trying to buy a child in Mexico for 84 do llars. This one regulation is fueling a new child slave trade in Central America...

Graham's bill would raise the cap from 20 days to 100 days. Combined with the new immigration judges, this would be enough to make sure that all asylum claims are adjudicated. No more catch and release.

(3) The bill would redefine what constitutes a "credible fear of persecution." In order for someone to get asylum in the US, they have to prove that they have a credible fear of persecution. But the caravans are abusing this provision. Right now, there are tens of thousands of African migrants making their way through Central America to ask for asylum at the US border. They claim that they had no choice but the flee their homeland because they were being persecuted. But in order to get to the US, they had to march through 8-10 countries in order to reach the US border.  If they faced persecution in Africa, then they should have been safe the minute they reached South or Central America. Graham's bill requires migrants to apply for asylum every time they reach a new safe country. And only if they are denied there would they be allowed to apply to come to the US.

This would completely shut down the migrant caravans. If a migrant is truly fleeing for their life, then they have to stay in the first safe country they reach. And any migrant who marches through a country without first applying for asylum there would be ineligible to apply in the US.

These are three common sense fixes that stop the crisis while respecting the rights of legitimate asylum seekers. It would put an end to the child slave trade in Mexico and stop the invasion at our southern border.

Lindsey Graham has officially pushed the bill through committee, and we can confirm that it contains NO amnesty provisions.

Now, it is up to YOU to hold Congress' feet to the fire and demand that they put the bill onto Trump's desk!

We can win this! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND that they pass the Secure and Protect Act by any means necessary!

Lindsey Graham used to be the biggest pro-amnesty Republican in Congress. While he still wants an amnesty deal, he is fighting to secure the border for one simple reason: he is up for re-election next year and knows that he'll lose unless he fights to end the migrant crisis.

You have more power than you know. And not just power over establishment Republicans... There are dozens of vulnerable Democrats, Congressmen and Senators, who have to stand for re-election in districts that Trump won. Most of them are so-called moderate Democrats. If they oppose the common sense Secure and Protect Act, then they will lose their power... and they know it! Fear is the most powerful motivator in Congress. 

Lindsey Graham wrote this bill. He just quashed a Democrat protest and pushed it through committee. But the fight isn't over. It still needs to pass both chambers.

And the only way that happens is if YOU rise up and force Congress to make it a priority!

Don't take no for an answer! Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass the Secure and Protect Act, no matter what it takes!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily