Yesterday was the United Nations's deadline. If they did not secure a little over 1 billion in additional funding by the end of October, they warned that they would have to start closing their programs to protect themselves from bankruptcy.

For the last three weeks, the UN has been forced to shut down its New York Headquarters on the weekends. Even today, all non-essential personnel and visitors are barred from entering the UN building.

The United Nations sent Trump a bill for a little over 1 billion that they saw we "owe" them. This was funding that Obama promised, but Trump pulled the plug on...

President Trump told the UN bureaucrats to take a hike and go ask other countries for help.

But Democrats in Congress have been quietly working with the United Nations behind the scenes and are now promising to save the UN from bankruptcy!

Please, help stop the Democrats and GOP from restoring the UN's funding! Tell Congress right now that they MUST remove all of these UN funding amendments before it's too late!

Historically, these contributions have been capped at 25 percent, meaning that the United States cannot contribute more than a quarter of the UN's budget.

Over the past three years, Trump has cut literally billions from the UN and its most radical agencies.

Trump refused to disburse the 2 billion that Obama promised to the UN to implement their radical climate treaty. He also refused to pay even a cent into the UN's gun control initiatives. The President also cut all foreign aid to the UN's Palestinian Refugee Agency when the administration learned that the Palestinian authority was using our taxd ollars to radicalize school children.

Trump withdrew from the UN Migration Agency, which Obama had allowed to send unvetted refugees to our country. And when the administration found that the UN Population Fund was using our funding to promote abortion around the globe, Trump immediately cut all 213 million that was set to go to those programs.

The result was that the United States' contributions to the UN dipped from 25 percent down to 22 percent. That might not seem like a lot, but that 3 percent is now threatening to drive the United Nations into bankruptcy...

But Congressional Democrats have a plan. They are advancing H.R. 2839, the annual appropriations bill sets the funding levels for the entire State Department, including the United States' contributions to the United Nations' budget.

Right off the bat, there is no cap on US contributions to the United Nations' general budget. With this cap gone,Democrats want to give an additional 737 million to the United Nations next year. But believe it or not, it gets worse. The legislation also pays back what we "owe" the UN because of Trump's cuts.

"That, of the amounts appropriated under this heading, not less than 478,994,000 shall be disbursed to the United Nations not later than 45 days after the enactment of this Act for the remaining amounts necessary to pay in full for fiscal years 2017 and 2018."

Trump started cutting the minute he took office, and now House Democrats are trying to force him to give it all back to the UN!

Please, help stop the Democrats and GOP from restoring the UN's funding! Tell Congress right now that they MUST remove all of these UN funding amendments before it's too late!

Here is the bad news: It isn't just Democrats trying to force this bill through. In the House, dozens of Establishment Republicans have signed onto the plan to restore the UN's funding. In the Senate, Susan Collins, Lamar Alexander, and Lindsey Graham have already gone on record supporting these kinds of UN funding increases.

The Democrats are trying to undo all of Trump's UN cuts and the GOP is just going to watch them do it!

We know what their plan is. They have packed H.R. 2839 full of amendments to restore and increase the United Nations' funding. 

The UN sent Trump a bill for 1 billion. Even though the President refused, Congress is now poised to give the UN an extra 1.2 billion, far more than they even said we "owe" them. This bill is literally designed to save the United Nations from bankruptcy and they want to use YOUR hard-earned taxd ollars to do it!

The only way they can get away with this is if you stay quiet. The Dems and GOP know that practically no Americans actually read the State Department funding bill. They think they can catch you sleeping and pass this UN funding increase without any pushback.

You MUST prove them wrong right now!

Don't let them give it all back...
Joe Otto

Conservative Daily