One of the men that British Police arrested in connection with the recent subway bombing was not only a refugee, but had also take part in the UK's "deradicalization" programs. This is where the British government tries to teach radical refugees not to dedicate their lives to killing innocent people. Not surprisingly, their re-education camp didn't work.

The only way to stop these radicals from killing innocent Americans is to stop them from coming here. For the past 4 months, that is exactly what President Trump has done. He promised to cut off Obama's refugee program and he did just that.

But his executive order expires in just two days. That means that unless Congress makes his ban permanent, unvetted refugees will resume entering the United States as early as Monday morning!

Don't let the Liberals drag the US down the same suicidal path as Europe! Send your FaxBlast and demand they pass the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act immediately!

When Trump originally signed his executive order, he enacted a 90-120 day ban on unvetted refugees and migrants entering the United States from the Middle East. After months of being tied up in the courts, the Supreme Court ultimately decided in early Summer to allow the ban to proceed.

But now, the time is up. In just 48 hours, refugees from the Middle East will resume pouring into the United States without even the slightest background checks.

That is, unless Congress steps in and makes the ban permanent.

Two years ago, Republicans and Democrats voted to do just that. The American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act passed the House of Representatives with a supermajority, 289-137. Just so you understand, it takes 218 votes for a bill to pass. Almost every Republican voted for the bill and 47 House Democrats voted for it as well. When it reached the Senate, Harry Reid blocked it from passing.

The bill had a common sense solution to the refugee crisis: in order for a Middle Eastern refugee or migrant to enter the United States, three intelligence agencies would need to certify that they passed a background check and pose no threat to Americans. It is so common sense, that Harry Reid blocked the bill because he wanted to save Obama the embarrassment of having to veto it.

Well, Obama isn't President anymore. Trump is. President Trump promised to implement this same program and he won in the biggest political come-from-behind win in American history. But now, all that is about to come to an end. If Trump tries to extend the ban, the Supreme Court will smack him down. It is up to Congress to finish this and it is up to you to force them to!

Don't let these Liberals re-open our borders to dangerous, unvetted refugees. Send your message to Congress and force them to pass the bipartisan American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act and make Trump's extreme vetting permanent.

We are out of time. If Congress doesn't act, refugees will begin flowing into the United States as early as Monday morning. Because of the court challenges, the Trump administration wasn't able to fully implement their extreme vetting procedures. But if Trump tries to extend the ban, he risks angering the Supreme Court and getting the whole thing thrown out.

There is only one solution: Congress needs to pass the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act, the same bill that Republicans and Democrats promised to pass back in 2015. Except this time, Harry Reid isn't there to stop them!

There is a reason that there hasn't been a terror attack in Poland since the Middle Eastern migration started. Poland flat-out refuses to take in Middle Eastern refugees that haven't passed extensive background checks.

If you are going to fight for anything, fight for this. Don't let America go the way of Western Europe. Defend our sovereignty, our culture, and our society!

Please, rise to the occasion and defend the Republic!

Don't take no for an answer! Tell Congress right now that you will punish any Congressman or Senator who refuses to pass the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act and make Trump's extreme vetting permanent!

Save the Republic,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily