This is the 2nd Amendment fight of our lives.

The Congressional recess is officially over. Republicans and Democrats are now back in Washington DC, and they aren't wasting any time.

The Judiciary Committees in both Chambers are planning to hold gun control mark-up sessions this week. These hearings were supposed to have been held last week, but they were postponed because of Hurricane Dorian.

It is important to reiterate that these are mark-up hearings. That means that at the end, the committee members will vote to send the legislation to the floor for a final vote to follow.

The House committee will consider three bills: a bill to ban any gun magazine that can hold more than 10-rounds of ammunition, a bill to disarm anyone convicted of a misdemeanor "hate speech" crime, and the worst proposal of all, a Red Flag bill that would revoke innocent Americans' gun rights, even if they have never even been charged with a crime.

This is, of course, in addition to the Left's radical "background check" bills that would usher in the complete and total federal registration of firearms. World history shows us that every time governments have started keeping records of who owns which guns, that data is always eventually used to confiscate firearms...

This is the biggest gun control package ever created. In the past, we could count on Republicans to fight back against this assault on our gun rights. But today's Republican Party is full of cowards who believe they need to "do something" on guns in order to save their political careers...

It is up to you to hold their feet to the fire and force them to stand down!

The first bill would ban all firearm magazines that can hold more than 10-rounds of ammunition. I don't call them "high capacity" magazines because the technology is literally hundreds of years old. When Lewis and Clark set out to explore the American wilderness, Thomas Jefferson gave them a Girandoni .46 caliber rifle that held more than 20-rounds in the magazine.

Called the Keep Americans Safe Act, this legislation would ban the import, sale, transfer, or possession of any magazine that can hold more than 10-rounds. There is no grandfather provision. If you refuse to turn your magazine into the government, you would become a felon. 

The next bill being pushed through is called the Disarm Hate Act. This bill would revoke someone's gun rights if they are convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime. First of all, serious and violent hate crimes -- assault, murder, arson, etc -- are already felonies and automatically lead to disarmament. But in states like California and New York, misdemeanors would include prosecutions for so-called "hate speech."

The Supreme Court has already ruled that there is no such thing as "hate speech." Americans have a 1st Amendment right to say almost whatever they want. The only speech the government can ban is speech designed to incite imminent violence. But the Left wants to criminalize "hate speech." Calling an illegal alien a criminal is considered "hate speech." Refusing to call a transgender person by their preferred gender pronoun is "hate speech." Shouting build the wall in the presence of any Latino is "hate speech." See the pattern?

Right now, the only misdemeanors that lead to Federal disarmament are related to domestic violence. This bill would expand the government's disarmament powers to disarm people based on their speech, not any violent actions.

And the last bill on the docket is the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act. This legislation would create a new class of Federal prohibited person. Instead of the government having to prove that someone broke the law or is mentally defective, this bill would allow prosecutors to disarm someone simply by convincing a judge that they may break the law in the future.

That is how Red Flag laws work. Instead of charging someone with a crime, these Red Flag hearings use hearsay to convince judges that someone is, more likely than not, dangerous. Forget about being presumed innocent and the government having to prove guilt. Under Red Flag extreme risk protection orders, convincing a judge that there is a 51% chance someone is dangerous is enough to get a confiscation warrant.

These laws are so dangerous because they trample on gun owners rights to due process. Innocent Americans end up being disarmed. Yes, these people are innocent. They haven't even been charged with a crime and under the proposal, the government would have the power to confiscate their firearms for up to a year without even needing to accuse them of breaking the law..  

This is the gun control package that Congress is voting on This Week. Instead of shooting it down, Republicans are trying to compromise and meet these gun grabbers halfway.

They are literally selling you out!

This is an urgent call to action. The GOP is starting to crack under the pressure. Even Marco Rubio, who ran for President in 2016 as a pro-gun candidate, has announced that he will vote in favor of the proposed magazine ban.

They don't care that this gun control package would disarm innocent, law abiding Americans... They don't care that it would expand the government's gun confiscation powers... 

The only thing that these Congressmen and Senators care about is preserving their own power. And they think that passing these new disarmament bills will do it!

We are out of time. These bills are being pushed through this week. It is up to you to take the fight to Congress and force them to stand down.

Years from now, the history books will write about this moment. School children will learn about this fight. What do you want the lessons to teach? That gun control advocates finally succeeded in dismantling the 2nd Amendment?

Or that brave patriots like you stood their ground and stopped this unconstitutional gun control in its tracks?

I don't know about you, but I choose the latter...

Don't let the gun grabbers win,
Joe Otto

Conservative Daily