Late last month, both the House and Senate voted to revoke Pres. Trump's national emergency order and cancel all border wall construction. A total of 22 Republicans in both the House and the Senate ended up siding with Democrats.

President Trump is expected to veto this legislation, and the Establishment doesn't have the votes to override it.

But the fight is not over. This bill was a test vote. It was the same exact resolution that Trump vetoed earlier this Spring. The Left knew that it wouldn't become law. But they wanted to see how many Republicans were still willing to stab Trump in the back and cancel the border wall project.

Democrats got exactly what they wanted. Senators Alexander, Blunt, Collins, Lee, Moran, Murkowski, Paul, Portman, Romney, Toomey, and Wicker and Representatives Amash, Fitzpatrick, Herrera-Beutler, Katko, Johnson (SD), Massie, Rodgers (WA), Rooney (FL), Sensenbrenner, Stefanik, Upton, and Walden all turned on the President and outlaw border construction.

Over the next week, Congress must begin voting on next year's spending package. Without this legislation, the government would shutdown in early-to-mid-November.

The Left knows that the GOP is terrified of a new government shutdown. So, Democrats have slipped not one, but TWO amendments into the bill that would shut down all border wall construction immediately!

The first amendment is in the Defense Department appropriations bill. Section 2801 declares that "military construction funds may not be obligated, expended, or otherwise used to design or carry out a project to construct, replace, or modify a wall, fence, or other physical barrier along the international border between the United States and Mexico.” 

The next anti-wall amendment is found in Section 227 of the Homeland Security Appropriations Act: "No Federal funds may be used for the construction of physical barriers along the southern land border of the United States during fiscal year 2020."

If either of these bills pass, then the border wall construction project would shut down completely. 

That is precisely what the Democrats want. The Army Corps of Engineers released its updated estimates today. Instead of 450 miles of border fencing, they now estimate that at least 505 of 18-to-30 foot tall border wall will go up by the end of next September. They are on pace to hit that goal, with a mile of new border wall being finished every day.

President Trump ran on a promise to secure the US-Mexico border, no matter what it takes. For two years, the GOP refused to authorize funding for new border wall construction. When Pelosi took over the House, she cut all border wall funding from the spending package.

So, Trump moved forward on his own. He declared a national emergency and used Pentagon funding to kickstart border wall construction. And now, construction crews are moving at a blazing pace.

But all of that is at risk now. If these same Republicans vote with Democrats on this spending package, it's all over. 

Don't let Congress kill the border wall! Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast right now and STOP Congress from passing these poison pill anti-border wall amendments before it's too late!

We have waited decades for this. Every President since Ronald Reagan, both Republicans and Democrats, have promised to secure the border. None of them did it. They all turned their back on the issue.

Now, President Trump is following through. He made a promise, and now he is delivering.

The President has said he is willing to go it alone if necessary.

But Donald Trump is not alone, is he? He also has you!

And right now, President Trump needs your help!

Save the border wall funding!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily