President Obama had a really hard time pushing his agenda through Congress. Unwilling to take 'no' for an answer, Obama turned to the United Nations to implement his policy proposals.

On gun control, when Congress rejected Obama's universal gun registration scheme, Obama decided to sign the United Nations' Small Arms Trade Treaty, which mandated that signatories register the firearms owned by their citizens.

When Congress refused to pass Obama's illegal alien amnesty bill, the administration teamed up with the United Nations to help bring even more illegals into the United States. Not only did UN officials start coaching illegal aliens how to game the system to get into the country, but UN agencies actually used your taxd ollars to fly illegal aliens straight to the United States.

And when Congress blocked Obama's most radical environmental policies, the former-President signed the UN's Paris Climate Accords without Congressional approval. Not only did he begin imposing the treaty's terms by executive order, but Obama also promised to give the UN 3 billion to implement their climate agenda abroad.

Even on issues like abortion, the Obama administration started sending hundreds of millions in aid to the United Nations to fund abortion programs around the world. One of Pres. Trump's first actions after his inauguration was to cancel these payments... Across the board, Obama tried to use the United Nations to sidestep Congress. And if Hillary Clinton had won, it would have worked.

But when Donald Trump took office, he put a stop to all of these UN programs. He pulled the plug on the funding and blocked any government officials from working on these "projects." That should be the end of it. What one President enacts by executive order, another President should have every right to rescind.

But just four days before the government funding deadline, Congressional Democrats are trying to save all of these Obama-UN programs!

Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress before it's too late and FORCE them to kill H.R. 2839 and stop the Democrats from restoring the United Nations' funding!

As I said, Congress must pass a dozen government funding bills by the end of the week - November 21 - otherwise the Federal government will shut down.

Right now, both the House and the Senate are at a standstill. The Senate wants to pass "clean" funding bills that don't have any controversial measures. House Democrats, however, have filled their spending bills with hundreds of poison pill amendments designed to stop Trump from undoing Barack Obama's legacy.

One of the bills that Congress must pass by the end of the week is called the State Department, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act of 2020 (H.R.2839). This 232-page bill includes the funding levels for the United Nations next year. No surprise, it would undo almost all of the cuts Trump has made over the past three years.

The United Nations is literally on the brink of bankruptcy because of Trump's cuts. They have been forced to close their NY Headquarters two days a week just to be able to keep the lights on. UN bureaucrats sent Trump a bill for 1.2 billion. He told them to get lost.

But now Congressional Democrats want to pay the invoice in-full... The Left now wants to use the power of the purse to force Trump to continue paying-into the United Nations programs that Obama used to impose his radical agenda onto the American people.

Take the Paris Climate Treaty, as an example. Obama promised to give the United Nations 3 billion to help implement the treaty. That was never approved by Congress. The treaty itself was never ratified. What Obama did was both illegal and unconstitutional.

Not only would H.R.2839 block Trump from being able to leave the UN's climate treaty -- which Obama had no right to sign in the first place -- but it would also restart the billions in donations that Obama promised to give them. 

The legislation would also restore the funding to some of the most radical UN programs that Trump has tried to cut. Funding would be restored to the UN's gun control agenda, illegal alien and refugee migration programs, and the organization's most anti-American and anti-Israeli programs.

And it would also repeal Donald Trump's Mexico City Policy executive order, restoring hundreds of millions in American funding to UN abortion organizations operating abroad. The legislation that Democrats are trying to force Republicans to pass would literally finance abortion procedures around the globe...

For the first time, we finally have a President willing to put America First. And now just days away from the funding deadline, Democrats are threatening a government shutdown unless Republicans agree to restore all of the Obama-era United Nations funding!

Please, join today's important last-minute campaign and help put maximum pressure on Congress to KILL H.R. 2839 and the Left's attempt to restore funding to the United Nations!

Democrats think they have Republicans over a barrel. They know the GOP is terrified of being blamed for another government shutdown, so they are threatening to block the funding bills unless the Republicans agree to restore all of this Obama-era United Nations funding.

They want to drag us back into the Obama years and force Trump to start paying-into the most radical UN programs once again.

And if this legislation passes as-is, Trump would have no choice. He would have to abandon the America First agenda and start supporting the United Nations' Anti-America agenda once again...

Republicans should be fighting back. The GOP should be holding the line and protecting Pres. Trump's UN cuts.

But that isn't what is happening... Republicans are so terrified of being blamed for another government shutdown that they are actually going to vote for these radical UN funding provisions.

With all eyes on the impeachment hearings this coming week, the GOP thinks they can sneak this appropriations bill without you realizing. They think they can restore Barack Obama's radical UN funding programs without having to pay the price.

But now you know what is in this bill. Now you know what these cowards are trying to push through. And now you know that they are voting on this surrender package this week!

Hold the line!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily