Yesterday, Donald Trump checked off another campaign promise. He formally began the process to withdraw from the United Nations' radical Paris Climate Treaty.

Back in the Summer of 2017, Donald Trump announced that he was withdrawing the United States from the United Nations' Paris Climate Treaty. This was the treaty that Barack Obama unconstitutionally signed, implemented, and funded the treaty without Congress' advice or consent.

The Paris Climate Treaty was nothing but a global wealth redistribution scheme. Obama promised to give the UN billions. The idea was that wealthy countries would pay to help "developing" countries like China and India move towards cleaner and more efficient energy and industrial technologies. These countries, however, would not be required to meet any pollution reduction benchmarks.

Obama literally promised to give away billions of your taxd.ollars to the very countries that are stealing American manufacturing jobs, all without even requiring them to reduce their emissions... And he did it all without receiving Congress' advice or consent.

That is a big deal. The Constitution requires a two-thirds ratification vote in order to make an international treaty or agreement binding. Obama signed the deal without even putting it up for a vote.

Trump ran on a promise to rip the treaty up. But when Donald Trump announced he was withdrawing from the treaty in 2017, the UN told him that he couldn't. When Obama signed, he also agreed to the UN's rules for withdrawal. To put it simply, the United States has to send the United Nations two letters before we can leave the treaty. 

The first letter was allowed to be delivered yesterday, formally informing the United Nations that we intend to leave the Paris Treaty. The Trump administration officially delivered that notification letter yesterday.

The second letter, however, cannot be sent until next November, the day after the 2020 Presidential election. Basically, the UN designed the withdrawal process to take a whole year.

At first glance, this looks awfully simple. All Trump needs to do to get out of this unconstitutional treaty is to deliver a letter to the United Nations next November.

The problem is that Democrats have slipped a poison pill amendment into the upcoming spending bill that would make it illegal for Trump to send that final withdrawal notice!

The Founders gave Congress the power of the purse. This means that Congress gets the final say on what policies and programs the executive branch is and is not allowed to fund.

If Congress wants to block the administration from doing anything, all they need to do is pass a provision making it illegal to spend even a cent on that particular policy.

And that is exactly what Democrats are doing.

The State Department, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act is one of the twelve government spending bills that Congress must pass every year to avoid a government shutdown.

The bill that Congress is about to vote on is 232 pages long. And on page 220, the Democrats have slipped in their amendment to stop Trump in his tracks.

"None of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this Act, or prior Acts making appropriations for the Department of State, foreign operations, and related programs, may be used to provide formal notification under Article 28 of the Paris Agreement of the withdrawal of the United States from such Agreement."

This one sentence would make it illegal for Trump to send the final withdrawal letter next year to leave the UN's treaty. And as if that wasn't bad enough, the bill also authorizes the State Department to restart the payments into the UN's climate agency.

Nancy Pelosi said yesterday that she would not allow Trump to withdraw from the Obama-UN climate treaty, and this is how she plans to do it!

It is up to you to stop Congress from making Obama's unconstitutional UN climate treaty permanent! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill this radical amendment before it's too late!

This amendment literally only exists as an insurance policy for if Trump wins. It is designed to make sure that win or lose, President Obama's unconstitutional signature stays in place.

The media isn't covering this. The mainstream media will never cover a one-sentence provision in a 239-page spending package. And that is precisely how the establishment wants it. Without any coverage, Democrats and Republicans can vote to save the UN climate treaty without having to face any consequences for their actions.

This is literally an attempt to bypass the Constitution and impose the UN's radical climate agenda onto the American people. And both parties are counting on you not seeing what they're doing...

But now you know. Now you know that this radical surrender amendment is on page 220 of the bill. And with this knowledge, you can fight back and stop this before it's too late!

But it has to be right now. Congress must vote on this bill over the next week in order to avoid a government shutdown. Now that Trump has started the withdrawal process, the Left is desperate to pull the rug out from under President Trump.

The President is doing everything he can, but he needs your help right now!

Don't let them sneak this through...

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily