Don't let the media circus fool you. While all of the coverage this week will focus on the sham impeachment hearings that Democrats are putting on, Republicans and Democrats are meeting behind closed doors and negotiating over what very well could be the biggest piece of legislation in the entire Trump Presidency.

Today is November 18. Over the next three days, Congress must pass a government spending bill to avoid another shutdown.

Democrats are holding their ground. They are refusing to pass any spending bill unless it cuts off the funding for President Trump's border wall project. The Left has slipped anti border wall amendments into the legislation designed to fund both the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security. Unless the GOP agrees to cut off the wall's funding, the Democrats will let these departments shut down.

They are literally holding the country's national security hostage. But for them, it is worth it. You see, this is the final appropriations bill of Trump's term. This could very well be the last chance we have to get the border wall built. Democrats know if they can pull the plug on the funding now, they can stop the wall from ever being built.

The very future of this country is at stake right now!

When Congress failed to approve border wall funding earlier this year, Trump announced that he had enough. After waiting three years for Republicans to approve the funding for the border wall, the President decided to take matters into his own hands.

Trump used his power under the National Emergencies Act to declare an emergency at the US-Mexico border. Trump declared that a porous border poses a direct national security threat to the country and ordered the Pentagon to begin funding the wall project. All legal and all constitutional.

But the Democrats are trying to revoke Trump's national emergency order. 

The House Democrats' Homeland Security spending bill includes an amendment in Section 227 that would prohibit the Department from spending any funds on border wall construction, renovation, or repair. That last bit is important. According to the bill Democrats are rushing to the floor, if the border wall gets breached or damaged, Border Patrol agents would not even be allowed to fix or patch it...

And then Section 2801 of the National Defense Authorization Act would fully revoke Pres. Trump's national emergency declaration. It would prohibit any Pentagon funds from being used to protect and secure the border. All border wall construction would immediately grind to a halt. 

These two amendments are in the bills. Democrats are rushing them to the floor for a vote.

The only question left is whether the GOP will hold the line or not... Whether Republicans will fight back or cave like they always do...

Well, I regret to inform you that the GOP's surrender has already begun...

Don't give up! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to protect Pres. Trump's border wall funding... or else!

The Republican leadership is made up of cowards. For three years, they have been telling us that the timing isn't right to pass border wall funding. Every year, they promised us that they would authorize border wall construction "next time."

Well, this week's deadline isn't just the "next time," it could also very well be the last chance to build the border wall.

These Republican cowards, however, really only care about protecting themselves. They want to hold onto power for as long as possible. 

Right now, the GOP doesn't think you care about the border wall. They think they can give in to the Left's demands without paying a price at the polls. In fact, they think blocking the wall will actually gain them more votes.

It is up to YOU to prove them wrong!

We have been fighting decades to build the wall and secure the border. Countless Americans have been killed and victimized by the drugs and crime that pour across the US-Mexico border every day. Every President since Ronald Reagan -- both Republican and Democrat -- has promised to secure the border. But President Trump is the only one to actually deliver on that promise. Trump is using every power at his disposal to get the wall built.

And now that the wall is actually getting built, the Democrats want to shut it down... and the GOP is going to help them do it this week unless you stop them!

What Congress does this week will decide the future of this country. Don't let them cave!

Don't let the GOP cave!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily