Democrats are blocking Trump's most important nominations and Mitch McConnell is too afraid to stop them!

More than 43% of all of Donald Trump's nominees are being held up in Congress. Under the rules, Democrats are allowed to demand upwards of 30 hours of debate per nominee. In past administrations, both parties agreed that wasn't feasible and allowed most nominations to be voted on with minimal debate.

The Democrats, however, are in "resistance" mode. They are literally resisting everything that Donald Trump proposes. The result is that hundreds of Trump's nominations are being held up. The left is demanding the full 30 hours of debate.

If the Senate was in session every hour of the day, every day of the week, it would still take more than 200 hour to fill the nominations that have already been made. That's before you factor in all of the nominations that Trump still has to make...

The Democrats plan is to draw this out as much as possible. And the GOP leadership is more than willing to allow them to obstruct.

If for no other reason, this is why Mitch McConnell must be removed. He has squandered a whole year and got next to nothing accomplished because he is more interested in preserving the Senate rules than he is about fulfilling his promises to the base.

We literally cannot afford to have people like Mitch McConnell calling the shots anymore. We simply don't have the time!

Push forward! Send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they bust through this Democrat obstruction and immediately confirm President Trump's nominees!

Last week, 9th Circuit Appeals Judge Judge Stephen Reinhardt passed away unexpectedly. His death now gives President Trump the power to fill THREE vacancies on the far-left 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Do you know why that number sits at three? Because Mitch McConnell and the GOP let the Democrats block the president to leave the seats open. The left knows that if they can run out the clock, they might be able to block Trump's nominees permanently if they retake Congress in November.

Trump's Supreme Court nomination was huge. But being able to put three true Conservatives onto the bench in the 9th Circuit is arguably more important. Except, those seats are being kept open by Democrat obstructionists and the GOP is just letting it happen.

This has to stop...

Democrats are hoping to retake Congress in this November's midterm elections. A net gain of just two Senate seats would give Democrats the votes to permanently block all of Trump's nominations.

It very well could be now or never!

 Kick Mitch to the curb! Send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they bust through this Democrat obstruction and immediately confirm President Trump's nominees!

This isn't just about the Judiciary either. Democrats are also holding up nominations to crucial ambassadorships. By blocking Trump from putting his people into State Department and Ambassador positions, they are allowing Obama holdovers to continue to drive American foreign policy. We've already seen the havoc that just a few Obama holdovers can cause...

Across the board, Democrats are trying to deny Trump his victory and the GOP leaders who have the power to stop this are refusing to act.

If they will not bust through the Left's obstruction, then they must be removed!

Ditch Mitch! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to start confirming Trump's nominees before it's too late!