Democrats are moving up their gun control hearing. After being rescheduled from last week because of the Hurricane, Democrats had planned to push through their gun control package tomorrow.

But the Democrat leadership decided to move the vote up.

The House Judiciary Committee will now hold its mark-up hearing TODAY!

There are three bills that they want to push through today: H.R. 1236, the "Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2019"; H.R. 1186, the "Keep Americans Safe Act"; and H.R. 2708, the "Disarm Hate Act."

Combined, these three pieces of legislation would ban hundreds of millions of firearm magazines and expand the government's ability to launch confiscation raids against innocent Americans!

And members of the GOP establishment are flipping. They are agreeing to support these radical gun control bills!

This is only the first gun control hearing. Democrats are also planning another hearing this month to approve universal gun registration legislation and a proposal to ban all semi-automatic firearms. But as I said, the agenda today focuses on three bills.

The first is the Disarm Hate Act (H.R. 2708). As we have covered in the past, this legislation would revoke the 2nd Amendment for Americans convicted of misdemeanor hate crimes. No, we are not talking about murder, assault, rape, or arson. Those are already prosecuted as felonies. This bill, however, would confiscate guns from people convicted of Hate Speech crimes.

There is no such thing as hate speech. But in Liberal states like California and New York, Americans would lose their God-given right to self defense simply for offending people with their speech. 

The next bill being voted on today is the Keep Americans Safe Act (H.R. 1186). This bill would instantly ban the possession, sale, transfer, or manufacture of any firearm magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Anyone caught in possession of one of these magazines faces 5 years in Federal prison... per magazine. My concealed carry and home defense pistol, for example, uses a 15-round magazine. I have owned it for five years. This one bill would make the magazines illegal.

We've mentioned it before but even when Lewis and Clark journeyed across the American continent, they used a rifle with a 20-round magazine. I recently purchased a WWII Browning Hi-Power pistol, manufactured in the 1940s, and it came standard with a 13-round magazine.

This has nothing to do with keeping the American people safe. This is about rolling the clocks back on over 100-years of firearm technology. Every day, Americans use these kinds of magazines to defend themselves and their families. The only thing this legislation would accomplish is make self-defense harder. Which is why Democrats were just forced to exempt Police officers from the ban...

And the last bill is the worst of all. The Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2019 would change Federal firearm laws to allow the government to confiscate guns from people who have never been charged or convicted with a crime, but were deemed "dangerous" none the less.

Just think about that. The government wants the power to label Americans as "dangerous" without even needing to charge them with a crime. Gun owners could have their firearms confiscated even if they have done absolutely nothing wrong. 

These are the three bills that are coming up for a vote today and the GOP is offering a compromise on each of them!

You must rise up and stop this madness! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill these radical gun control bills!

Republicans are holding last minute talks to try to meet the Democrats halfway on these radical gun control proposals. The Left is always claiming that we meet them halfway. The truth is that if you meet someone halfway even just four times, the math shows that the other side ends up getting 94% of what they want!

Instead of them holding the line, we are hearing that Republicans want to compromise on all of these bills.

On the magazine ban, instead of allowing Democrats to ban all magazines larger than 10-rounds, some GOP traitors are trying to change the bill to set the maximum size at 15-rounds.

I used to live in New Jersey, where magazines larger than 15-rounds had been banned since 1993. But then last year, the New Jersey legislature decided to reduce the maximum magazine capacity even more, down to 10-rounds. Hundreds of thousands of New Jersey residents were forced to surrender or destroy their magazines. Even though they had owned them for over a decade, they faced felony charges if they dared keep them.

New York reduced their magazine capacity limit years ago. Then, in 2013, the New York legislature pushed through a bill that made it illegal to put more than 7 bullets in a magazine.

The Left will not be happy until ALL firearm magazines are banned and the capacity limit is set at one-round...

But the GOP is promising to compromise anyway. Instead of creating a nationwide Red Flag confiscation, the GOP is now offering to use your taxd ollars to create 50 gun confiscation programs (one in each state). As if that was a "compromise." 

And without even fighting it, Republicans are offering to pass the Disarm Hate Act as written, giving the government the power to disarm people who have been convicted of non-violent misdemeanors, many of which will be for hate speech violations.

The first votes are today. The GOP is already crumbling to the Left's gun control demands.

If you are going to fight back, it has to be right now!


Max McGuire

Conservative Daily