Fellow Conservative,

We have been working for months to get Congress to derail Obama’s climate agenda.

Later this month, Obama administration officials will travel to Paris and begin negotiating a new climate treaty. The President knows that he doesn’t have the votes, so he has admitted that he won’t be putting the treaty through Congress as the Constitution requires.

He has no intention of obeying the Constitution. Secretary of State John Kerry tried to placate Congress by promising that the climate agreement would be non-binding and therefore wouldn’t require Congressional approval.

His French counterpart immediately corrected him and said that it would, in fact, be a legally binding treaty. 

Let me be clear... Any attempt by the President of the United States to sidestep the Constitution and give up American sovereignty to a foreign power is treason.

There is only one way to make sure that this treaty never sees the light of day.

President Obama has previously promised $3 Billion of taxpayer money to get this climate conference off the ground. He’s writing checks that Congress just refused to cash!

It’s working! Tell Congress to defund Obama’s climate fund and put a stop to this unconstitutional treaty!

The Paris Climate Conference is depending on this $3 Billion. Without it, the UN Conference is dead in the water.

We have sent well over 100,000 faxes to Congress DEMANDING that they defund this ludicrous Conference.

If the President intends on bypassing Congress and stomping on the Constitution, then at the very least he’ll do so WITHOUT funding.

It takes a special kind of stupid for Congress to actively fund this unconstitutional plot.

So far, 37 Republican Senators have wrote to Obama threatening to defund the talks if he tries to move without Congress.

“We pledge that Congress will not allow U.S. taxpayer dollars to go to the Green Climate Fund until the forthcoming international climate agreement is submitted to the Senate for its constitutional advice and consent.”

Their demand is simple. The money will only be disbursed if Obama obeys the Constitution and puts the treaty up for ratification. If he signs it and implements it unilaterally, then the fund would be siphoned dry.

“When it comes to the financing: I know a lot of people over there, the 192 countries, assume that Americans are going to line up and joyfully pay $3 billion into this fund,” said Sen. James Inhofe, the chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee. “But that’s not going to happen.”

The Constitution dictates that Congress has the power to ratify treaties. It also dictates that Congress has the power of the purse and must use it to rein in out-of-control government. So far, a few dozen Senators are on board. But that's not nearly enough. We need more.

Ultimately, that responsibility falls to you. It is up to you to raise hell and demand that Obama be stripped of his climate change fund.

We’re at the finish line. This is our chance to stop Obama’s most treasonous plot yet. Please take the time and FaxBlast Congress DEMANDING they stop this madness!

Don’t let Obama go to Paris with a blank check to push his climate agenda down our throats! Demand that Congress defund the Green Climate Fund immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily