While the rest of the country is talking about "impeachment," the Left is moving forward TODAY with their plan to ban and confiscate the most commonly owned firearms in America!

This is it. Today, the Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on the proposed Assault Weapons Ban of 2019.

The bill is the most radical gun ban ever introduced. Right off the bat, it would ban tens of millions of lawfully-acquired firearms. Americans have lawfully used semi-automatic firearms for over 120 years. But this bill would make that technology off-limits.

But the Democrats aren't stopping there. Rep. Eric Swalwell is introducing an amendment to go beyond the ban and confiscate Americans firearms as well. His confiscation provision (HR.2959) would require that Americans surrender their firearms to the Federal government and accept pennies on the dol lar for compensation, or else they would face fines and even prison time.

These are not "weapons of war." They are the most commonly owned firearms in the country.

I went through my gun safe and was shocked to see just how many firearms would be banned. My home defense rifle would be banned because it has a "grip or any other characteristic that can function as a grip." I would have to turn it into the government simply because it is possible to hold it in my hand.

My daily carry handgun would be banned because it has a threaded barrel. Even though I filed all of the ATF paperwork and legally own a suppressor, it would be against the law to own a semi-automatic pistol that can accept a suppressor... My goose hunting shotgun would be banned because it accepts a detachable magazine. My truck gun would be banned because it has an arm brace and threaded barrel. Even some of my WWII- and Cold War-era firearms would be banned.

There is nothing reasonable about any of this. This is a direct assault on the 2nd Amendment.

But Democrats are offering the GOP a "compromise." The Left is agreeing to hold off on their ban and confiscation plan if the Republicans agree to give them the power to monitor all gun purchases and transfers in the country. 

The GOP is falling into their trap!

The Democrats call it "Universal Background Checks," but what they really mean is that the government would be notified every time a firearm changes hands and have access to a record of who exactly bought and sold which guns.

They want to create a firearm and gun owner registry. Right now, the government is only notified when firearms are purchased from licensed dealers. But if their proposed "compromise" passes, then the Left would gain the power to know who owns a gun in this country, and what kinds of guns they own...

That information is absolutely vital to their confiscation dreams. Without a registry, the government can't possibly know what houses to raid. That is why the Left is pushing so hard for their "background check" bill. The only reason to want a database of who owns firearms is so that the government can confiscate those firearms.

Just look at our neighbors to the north. Canada forced all of its residents receive government permission to purchase any firearm all the way back in 1977. So when so-called "assault weapons" were banned in 1991, the Canadian government knew exactly who owned them.

Well now, Canada wants to expand their definition of an "assault weapon" to include even more firearms. Since they know who owns what firearms, they will know exactly where to send the police to confiscate these newly banned weapons.

That is what Democrats desperately want, and the GOP actually talking about giving it to them!

The GOP has been circulating a memo proposing a gun control "compromise" Their plan would force private individuals to notify the government whenever they buy or sell firearms, and make a full record of the sale (including the identity of the buyer/seller and specific firearm that was transferred) available to the ATF on request. The government would have the power to create the gun owner registry that Democrats have always dreamed of...

This is the most spineless surrender I have ever seen. The GOP is using the news coverage of impeachment to hide how they are stabbing you in the back!

Stop the gun confiscation compromise! Send your instant FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to kill this gun control package and block the government from creating a registry of American gun owners!

The Democrats' gun ban hearing is happening right now. They are actively debating banning and confiscating tens, if not hundreds of millions of firearms from law-abiding Americans.

There is no negotiating with that. You cannot compromise with people who are talking about literally confiscating guns from law-abiding Americans. Anything you give these people is just a step towards their ultimate disarmament goal.

That is why it is so important to stop this right here, and right now.

The "compromise" that Democrats are floating is a GOP-written bill. And it would give the Left everything they need to launch a real nationwide confiscation program.

The gun ban and confiscation hearing is happening today. The negotiations over this are happening right now!

You need to rise up and stop this before it's too late!

Fight back,

Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily