The Wall Street Journal has published a brand new report, confirming that leftist, pro-Hillary FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were, in fact, planning to use the Russia investigation to take Donald Trump down if he won.

At issue is a single text message that Strzok sent to his mistress in the FBI.

"I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy's office -- that there's no way he gets elected -- but I'm afraid we can't take that risk. It's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you're 40..."

Sources now confirm that Strzok was specifically talking about his Trump-Russia investigation. He saw his witch hunt as an "insurance policy" to protect the nation against Trump in case he won, something he believed the country couldn't "risk." He discussed this plot with his mistress and Andrew McCabe.

If that name sounds familiar, it should. McCabe was in charge of the Clinton email investigation and his wife received more than half a million from top Hillary Clinton donors for her own local political campaign. McCabe is currently under investigation by the Inspector General for this blatant conflict of interest, but now we know he was involved early on in the phony Trump investigation.

During this one secret FBI meeting, Page said they could take their time investigating Trump because Hillary would certainly win. Peter Strzok disagreed and demanded that they move full speed ahead with their witch hunt so that if Trump won, they could serve as the Left's "insurance policy."

Peter Strzok was the top investigator on Robert Mueller's team. He is the one who interviewed Gen. Michael Flynn and trapped him in a lie.

Now we know that this plot to take down Trump was in the making for months and was orchestrated by the same leftist agents who deliberately exonerated Hillary Clinton.

All of these people were ordered to testify before Congress. But they're refusing to show up.

Conservative Congressman Jim Jordan is putting his foot down. He is demanding that Congress subpoena all of these leftist FBI agents and force them to answer for their crimes and he needs your help to make it happen!

The whole thing was a sham. Send your instant FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to subpoena these deep state conspirators and shut Mueller's witch hunt down!

This new report proves that there was a conspiracy in the FBI not only to exonerate Hillary Clinton, but to launch an investigation against Trump just in case he won.

We know that the Deputy Attorney General at the time, Bruce Ohr, got the phony Trump dossier from his wife (who literally wrote it when she worked for Fusion GPS). He just refused to show up to a Senate Intel hearing to testify.

We know that Mueller investigator Andrew Weissman was at Hillary Clinton's election night party in New York. Not only that, but he sent an email to then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates, saying he was "so proud" of her decision not to enforce Pres. Trump's travel ban. Now, he has been given power to investigate Trump, a President he literally advocated usurping.

We know that Mueller prosecutor Jeannie Rhee was the lawyer who defended the Clinton Foundation during the previous election and she donated the maximum amount of money allowed by law to the Clinton campaign. She also served as the private attorney for Ben Rhodes, the Obama administration's Deputy National Security Advisor who helped facilitate the whole phony Trump-Russia investigation.

We know that the same Clinton donors who funded Fusion GPS' fake trump dossier were the ones who gave half a million to Andrew McCabe's wife's political campaign, while he was in charge of investigating Hillary.

We know that Aaron Zebley, who was hired to be on Mueller's witch hunt, served as the lawyer who represented Justin Cooper, the IT specialist who not only set up Hillary Clinton's private server, but also was reportedly the one who destroyed Clinton's Blackberries and tablets with hammers. Now, he is investigating Trump.

And now we know from Peter Strzok's text messages that the whole Trump-Russia sham investigation was devised as a way for the Deep State to protect against a Trump victory.

The whole thing is falling apart. Democrats know it, which is why they are going all out to accuse Trump of trying to fire Mueller (he isn't.)

This new report is a bombshell. It means that the entire Trump-Russia investigation is "fruit of the poison tree." 

A fake dossier was used to start a fake investigation in order to subvert a democratically elected President.

Each and every one of these Obama-era deep state criminals needs to be dragged into Congress to answer for their crimes and it is up to us to demand it!

Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and demand they subpoena all of these leftist Obama-era officials and shut down Mueller's phony witch hunt now!

Drag them all in. If that means sending out the Sergeant at Arms to bring them into the hearings in handcuffs, then so be it.

The entire Deep State plot to tear down the Trump administration has been revealed. 

President Trump can't shut it down, otherwise he will look guilty. Jeff Sessions refuses to act and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein actually told Congress he thought there was nothing wrong with any of this.

No, only Congress can put a stop to this witch hunt and only YOU can demand it.

We are bombarding Congress with FaxBlasts today demanding that Congress do two things:

1) Subpoena all of these anti-Trump deep state agents and force them -- by any means necessary -- to answer for their crimes.

2) Pull the funding on this out of control witch hunt and shut it down for good!

The pressure is working. Conservative leaders like Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordan, and Ron DeSantis have all listened to our demands and taken the fight to these corrupt leftists who are running Mueller's anti-Trump witch hunt.

While the prospect of shutting the investigation down would have been laughable for many in Congress a few months ago, more and more of them are starting to agree the whole thing is a sham. 

It's been a whole year. Not only have they not discovered a shred of evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia, but we now know the investigation was a sham from the start, devised by pro-Hillary deep state agents as a way to protect against a Trump victory.

These conspirators need to be dragged before Congress and charged!

Please, send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to subpoena all of these anti-Trump Obama officials and shut down Mueller's sham investigation immediately!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily