Breaking News: We now have evidence that the Mexican Police are helping the caravan hitch rides towards the United States!

Yesterday, the Mexican government offered to grant the entire illegal alien caravan asylum inside of Mexico. They promised them jobs, housing, food, and even schooling for the children. All they had to do was stop traveling north to the United States.

The caravan decided to put the offer to a vote. They chose to reject Mexico's offer and continue driving to the US.

These people claim they are "refugees" who just want a safe place to work and raise their families. Yet, after receiving an offer that was exactly what they wanted, they turned it down. This isn't about fleeing violence. These people aren't refugees or asylum seekers. They are illegal immigrants.

Fox Business Correspondent Willian La Jeunesse is traveling embedded in the convoy. Yesterday, his camera man captured something truly shocking (shown above). Mexican police have been stationed along the highway. They're supposed to be stopping the caravan and turning them around. Instead, Fox Business' camera caught Mexican police stopping trucks and busses in order to put caravan members onto them.

The Mexican police are using their checkpoints to help the caravan hitch hike and get to the US border faster. Just a couple of days ago, the caravan was able to travel 20 miles in a day on foot. Thanks to help from the Mexican police, the caravan traveled 62 miles yesterday. They tripled the ground they covered...

The Mexican government promised that they were going to turn the caravan around. They lied to the Trump administration. Their goal now is to help these illegal aliens get through Mexico and to the US border as fast as possible!

Help Pres. Trump pull the plug! Send your instantly delivered letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to cut this foreign aid funding, or else face the consequences!

Every year, US taxpayers give tens of millions to help subsidize the Mexican 'Federales' Police. Not only do we train Mexico's police, but we have them given hundreds of millions in law enforcement aid over the years. Now we know what they're using this aid funding for: They are attacking our sovereignty.

This all comes after news broke that United Nations officers are on the ground, embedded with the convoy. They're working with the family units (parents and children) and unaccompanied minors in order to help them craft their asylum claims. These are people who are trying to break into the country and not only is the Mexican government helping them triple their speed traveling across the country, but now the United Nations is on the ground to coach the migrants on how they can game the system and trick Border Patrol into thinking they're refugees.

And your taxdol.lars are funding all of it!

President Trump is working on an executive order right now to close the border and stop the caravan from getting in. He plans to use the same statutory authority behind his Supreme Court-upheld travel ban. This is the specific statute.

"Whenever the President finds that the entry of any alien or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate." 8 USC Section 1182(f)

President Trump's executive order would deem the caravan, and all other illegal aliens, 'detrimental to the United States' interest' and block them from even stepping foot into the country.

Congress is furious. But they were furious when Trump instituted the refugee ban as well. Congress had a chance to implement extreme vetting back in 2015. The American SAFE Act would have required full vetting for refugees and asylum seekers trying to enter the country. It passed the House with a bi-partisan veto-proof super majority, but Mitch McConnell refused to push it through.

When Trump took office, he had to take matters into his own hands because of Congress' gross inaction. Now, he is having to do the same with the border. Congress is simply refusing to tackle our broken immigration and asylum laws, so Trump is doing it himself.

There is a rush right now to get the caravan to the US border as fast as possible. Not only is the Mexican government providing the caravan with food, water, and transportation, but the United Nations is now coaching the migrants on what to say in order to be granted asylum.

And your taxes are funding all of it!

Pull the plug! Tell Congress right now to cut all aid funding to the countries and organizations helping the caravan, or else they will be removed from office!

Congress just passed a spending package requiring the Trump administration to make 39.3 billion in foreign aid donations in the next eleven months. Hundreds of millions will go to the Central American countries helping the caravan and billions will go to the United Nations. Congress wants to reward the countries that are directly attacking our sovereignty.

The President ordered the State Department to begin cutting international aid to any countries or international organizations who were helping the caravan or refusing to stop it. That includes Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico and, yes, that also the United Nations.

Obama holdovers in the State Department are refusing to process the order. Congressional Democrats are ordering the President to process all of the aid funding and threatening to take the fight to court if President Trump cuts even once cent without Congressional approval.

We have evidence that the Mexican Police -- subsidized by US foreign aid -- are pulling over vehicles at checkpoints to help the caravan hitch hike to the border faster. We have evidence that the United Nations is coaching the migrants on how to game the asylum system to be let in.

But Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell both refuse to cut anything. They are working on an immigration bill that would actually increase aid funding to Central and South America and a full spending package that would restore the UN's funding too. Instead of providing all of the funding Trump needs to build the wall, Ryan's plan is to give billions to these foreign countries instead.

The President is working on an executive order right now to completely stop the caravan from entering the country and close the border entirely. But Obama holdovers in Trump's own administration are blocking him from cutting the aid funding to these countries. The Deep State and Obama holdovers won't allow it. And the GOP is not only sitting on its hands, but actually planning to increase the aid.

The President thinks he is all alone in this fight. But he isn't alone... He has YOU!

Help Pres. Trump pull the plug! Send your instantly delivered letter to Congress and ORDER them to cut all aid funding to every country and organization (including the UN) that is helping the caravan, or else be removed from office!

Cut it all!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily