Just when you thought you've seen everything... Congressional Democrats are now teaming up with United Nations officials to shut down Pres. Trump's border detention centers!

Without any detention facilities, then every single illegal alien caught by Border Patrol would have to be released into the country... Democrats have already cut funding to force ICE to release the majority of illegal aliens that get caught. Now, they're trying to shut them down all together.

Some of the Left's tactics are predictable, like when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that illegal aliens were being forced to drink out of toilets. The truth is that like most jails and prisons, the cell's toilet is connected to the water fountain... This came after AOC also claimed that the immigration detention centers were "concentration camps." (Fact check: they're not).

Lying is nothing new on the Left, but this week they got a gift from the United Nations.

UN officials are started filing human rights claims against the Trump administration for having the 'audacity to detain illegal aliens caught crossing our border. They want us to release every single illegal alien that we catch. In the UN's eyes, every migrant has a right to come to the United States...

The Executive Director of UNICEF, Henrietta Fore, just denounced the Trump administration for causing "toxic stress and irreparable harm to [illegal aliens'] health and development." UN officials are now also accusing the Trump administration of violating the Convention Against Torture because there are not enough beds for all of the migrants and many are forced to sleep on the floor. Amazingly, when the administration tried to purchase beds from Wayfair last week, the Left demanded that the company cancel the orders. United Nations bureaucrats are also filing claims that this "sleep deprivation" violates the United Nations General Assembly's International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The United Nations Human Rights Office has also declared that they are pursuing legal action against the Trump administration for detaining illegal alien families, saying that children should be an automatic get out of jail free card...

If this feels coordinated, it is. Democrat members of Congress are working with the United Nations try to shut down these facilities. Rep. Norma Torres (D-CA) (shown above) went on CNN last night and said that she is teaming up with the UN because she wants "international courts [to] get involved and file humanitarian crimes against this administration."

This is about a lot more than just immigration policy. On the 243rd anniversary of our Declaration of Independence, Members of Congress are now working with the United Nations to try to chip away at our sovereignty.

Stop the Dems from giving our sovereignty away to the United Nations! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to stop this betrayal and kill the Left's proposed UN budget increase!

This is about so much more than the border issue. This is about whether or not the United States of America should be independent; whether we should be allowed to control our own borders and prosecute illegal aliens who violate our laws.

The Left in this country says that we shouldn't. You saw the 2020 Democrat candidates on stage promising to give illegal aliens free healthcare, citizenship, and decriminalize illegal immigration all together. This is their ultimate goal.

They want open borders by any means necessary, even if it means working with the United Nations to undermine our own government!

We are launching a massive campaign to stop this treachery right now and we need your help!

Our campaign today demands that Congress do two things:

  1. Censure Rep. Norma Torres and every other Member of Congress caught colluding with the United Nations.

  2. Kill Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer's plan to increase the United Nations' funding next year.

It is not a coincidence that the very United Nations agencies that are trying to take the Trump administration to court are the same ones that Trump defunded. The United Nations is trying to help the Democrats open up our borders so they can get hundreds of millions in funding restored.

To the Left, the ends (open borders) will always justify the means, even if that means surrendering our sovereignty to the United Nations!

On this Independence Day holiday, I am asking you to re-declare our independence and force Congress to shut this betrayal down!

Please, we need your help to stop this! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to stop this betrayal and kill the Left's proposed UN budget increase!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily