Breaking: Pelosi is demanding that the United Nations' funding be restored, and GOPers are agreeing!

Fellow Conservative,

This year, the United Nations reached the brink of bankruptcy for many of its radical programs. Not only has President Trump cut hundreds of millions from the UN's budget, but the government shutdown prevented billions in US taxpayer funding (22 percent of the United Nations total budget) from reaching them.

The UN was closing down programs in Palestine, shuttering its radical arms trade treaty, and for the first time ever, the UN's Green Climate Fund (the body behind the Climate Treaty) announced that it would not be redistributing any wealth this past year.

Then, on Friday, the Republicans started putting pressure on Trump to temporarily re-open the government. When that happened, the United Nations started receiving partial US funding again.

They don't have all of their funding, only thee weeks-worth. But already, they're using this shot in the arm to attack President Trump and try to further chip away at the United States' sovereignty!

Stop Congress from increasing the United Nations' funding! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they kill Pelosi's spending package and preserve Pres. Trump's UN cuts!

An assistant to the UN Secretary General recently called President Trump a "psychopath." Why? Because he has the GALL to refuse to fund the United Nations' radical climate agenda.

Every year, Americans buy 1.2 millions imported guns. Since Barack Obama signed the unconstitutional UN Small Arms Treaty, the United Nations has been trying to slash those numbers and prevent Americans from affordably importing firearms to defend themselves and their families.

We have UN officials at the Mexico border coaching illegal aliens on how to game the system and say the 'magic word' in order to gain an asylum hearing in the United States. Some UN officials have even been caught helping the caravan travel through Mexico faster.

All of this is happening with YOUR taxdol lars!

But it could be a lot worse, believe it or not. Three weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi pushed through a radical appropriations bill -- 1,070 pages long -- that not only fully funds the United Nations, but also restores most of the funding that Trump cut!

Right after taking office, President Trump defunded the UN Population Fund and other international organizations that perform or refer for abortions around the world. Trump's actions have stopped more than 8.8 billion from going to these abortion advocates around the world. Pelosi's spending package literally restores this funding.

The Left's radical spending bill also includes the full restoration of funding to the United Nations' Climate Treaty. As you remember, this was a treaty that Barack Obama unconstitutionally signed without ever asking the Senate to ratify it. Trump withdrew from the treaty and cut its funding. Pelosi and the Democrats are restoring it.

Pelosi had tried to push this all through at the beginning of the month in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2019. Democrats basically threw every single wishlist item they had into this bill. 

But that isn't the bill that just re-opened the Federal government. Pres. Trump signed a three week Continuing Resolution, temporarily funding the government at 2018 levels.

The UN just got a shot in the arm, but all of the funding increases that Democrats want have not reached Trump's desk yet. There is still time to stop this!

Stop the Left from restoring the UN's funding! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they kill Pelosi's spending package and preserve Pres. Trump's UN cuts!

We know what the Democrats are planning to do. They already showed their hand. Their spending package radically restores and increases funding to the United Nations' worst programs.

As Congress focuses on negotiating over immigration, not a lot of attention is going to all of the other budget items and the Left is hoping you'll be too focused on the border wall to notice these massive funding increases to the United Nations' anti-American agenda.

The vast majority of Americans aren't paying attention to the boring details of a 1,070 page spending bill. But we are paying attention. And now that you know, you have a duty to fight back!

Do not let Pelosi and the Dems increase the United Nations' funding! Do not let the cowardly Republicans cave to this demand and give up our sovereignty!

Don't let them sneak this through! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND they kill Pelosi's spending package and preserve Pres. Trump's UN cuts!

Don't let them do it!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily