Breaking News: The United Nations Refugee Agency is ordering President Trump to open the border to the illegal migrant caravan!

Andrej Mahecic is the spokesman for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). He just declared in an interview that the United States must offer asylum to everyone in the illegal alien caravan!

"Our position globally is that the individuals who are fleeing persecution and violence need to be given access to territory and protection including refugee status... those entering the United States need to be provided access to the American asylum system."

The United Nations has now added 45 asylum lawyers to the caravan. Not only are these UN officials coaching the illegal aliens on what to say in order to gain asylum, but they are preparing to take the fight to court if Trump tries to block the caravan from entering.

This year alone, we have given 1.29 billion to the UN's Refugee Agency, only to have them turn around and use that funding to try to force us to take in more refugees. The UN took the United States to court during the travel ban. Now, they're doing it again with the caravan...

President Trump tried to slash this funding, but Paul Ryan struck a deal with Democrats to restore it all.

But technically, the Ryan-Pelosi spending package was only temporary. They need to vote again to make it permanent.

Stop them! Tell Congress that they MUST pull the plug on the United Nations and its radical refugee agency, or else face the wrath of the voters!

Mexico has already offered them all asylum. With more than ten thousand people still in the caravan, guess how many accepted the asylum offer.

111. That's it. Mexico offered them all housing, food, jobs, medical care, and school for their children, but 99 percent of them turned Mexico down. They said they would only accept welfare from the United States...

So now, Mexico wants to get them out of their country as fast as possible. This morning, the caravan began loading onto chartered buses. Up until now, they were relying on hitch hiking to get through the country. But with these buses, they don't have to stop anymore. 

Mexico is helping the caravan reach the border before the election and the UN lawyers are there to make sure that Trump can't block them from entering the US.

And all of this is being done with YOUR taxes!

Stop this UN-led caravan invasion! Send your instant letter to Congress and FORCE them to pull all United Nations funding, or else!

President Trump had ordered the military to deploy to the border to stop the caravan from entering. The Pentagon was only planning on deploying 800 soldiers in order to "comply" with Trump's order, and all of them were going to be lawyers, doctors, and engineers.

When Trump got wind of this, he was furious. The President ordered the Pentagon to increase the deployment to over 5,200. Yesterday, the military did just that.

It is not a coincidence that the caravan got chartered buses on the same day that the Pentagon announced its massive troop deployment.

Already, we are seeing other caravans starting to form. The second caravan - totaling around four thousand people - just busted through the Guatemala-Mexico border yesterday. They violently clashed with Mexican police and the scuffle left one person dead. But, like last time, the Mexican police ultimately stepped aside to let the caravan ford the river. Now that they're in Mexico, they'll get access to the United Nations resources as well. It has to stop.

And amidst all of this, the GOP wants to vote to make the UN's funding permanent. That is the deal that Paul Ryan struck with Nancy Pelosi, and the establishment is sticking to it. If they pass their spending package, President Trump would have no choice but to continue funding the United Nations at Obama's levels...

No way!

Cut the cord! Tell Congress right now that if they will not cut off all funding to the radical United Nations, they will be removed from office1

Don't let them get away with this,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily