The United Nations is taking a victory lap. Spineless Republicans have successfully re-funded the United Nations, undoing many of the cuts that the Trump administration made or was about to make.

Trump had cut tens of millions of United Nations "donations" and while everyone was paying attention to the Kavanaugh hearings, Paul Ryan teamed up with Democrats to pass a spending package that restores funding to the UN.

Not surprisingly, the globalists at the United Nations don't think that's good enough. This week, they delivered a report to the White House condemning President Trump and demanding billions in donations be restored. What are they so angry about? They are still fuming over Trump's decision to withdraw from the unconstitutionally signed UN Climate Treaty

Obama had promised to give them 3 billion to redistribute around the globe in the name of climate change. The past administration expected Hillary to win, so they were slow walking the transfers. But when Trump won, Obama rushed to transfer a billion into the UN's coffers. 

Since Trump announced his withdrawal, the United Nations has refused to actually let the President withdraw from it. Now, they're demanding that Trump and Congress make good on the payments! 

Cut it all! Send your letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act and cut the UN's funding for good!

A study was released this year showing that the United States is cutting more greenhouse gasses than any other country. 

Trump cut off the funding and contrary to what leftists predicted, the United States actually cut emissions. That is because the UN Climate Treaty isn't actually about fixing the climate. None of the European countries that signed onto the treaty have actually lived up to their promises.

No, the UN's plan is simply to redistribute wealth around the planet. Obama's donations were scheduled to go to countries like India or China to help modernize their industrial sectors.

Basically, the United Nations wants American taxpayers to help foreign countries expand their industries, allowing them to better compete with the United States economically. This is socialism at its finest. Third world countries need the funding "more," so the UN is demanding we give it to them.

Trump is the first US President ever to stand up to the United Nations like this. And what is Congress doing? They are pulling the rug out from under him.

The bill that Congress just passed actually restores funding to the UN's Green Climate Fund. This is the organization that enforces the climate treaty. Trump cut the funding and cowardly Republicans like Lamar Alexander and Susan Collins snuck it back in. Trump had no choice. Congress linked the UN funding to FEMA aid and forced Trump to vote on it during hurricane season.

Now, the UN is demanding all of the funding be restored.

Do not let Congress do this!

Tell Congress right now that they MUST pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act and cut all of the United Nations' funding!

As you know, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley just announced her resignation. It will go into effect at the end of the year.

Across the political spectrum, politicians and pundits are sending Trump their recommendation on who to replace her with.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) and 9 other GOP Congressmen had a unique suggestion: replace her with "nobody."

They are using this to resurrect the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. This bill would set the biggest restriction on UN funding ever.

No funds shall be appropriated to the United Nations, "except to facilitate termination of the United States membership and withdrawal of United States personnel and equipment."

The only funding that would be allowed would be to withdraw from the United Nations entirely!

Conservatives in Congress are pushing this bill forward, but they need your help to put pressure on the rest of Congress.

The spending bill that Congress passed to restore the UN's funding was technically only temporary. They need to hold another vote in just a couple of weeks in order to make the funding restoration permanent.

Please, you cannot let them get away with this!

Do not let Congress expand UN funding... cut it all! Send your instant letter to Congress right now and order them to pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act!

Cut it all,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily