Yesterday, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley made a simple promise:

"We are no longer going to give money to people who are against the US or say 'death to America,' or do anything that would be anti-US... we are no longer going to be handouts for those that go against us."

The announcement comes on the heels of MAJOR Trump administration actions to defund the United Nations and other anti-American countries.

For example, the President just kicked the Palestinian government's embassy out of the United Nations and cut off all coordination with the anti-American International Criminal Court.

The week prior, Trump cut off more than 300 million in aid to the UN's Palestinian refugee agency and another 300 million in aid to the Pakistani government for its support for radical islamist groups. Before that, Trump cut 230 million in aid to Syria and pulled the plug on the UN's corrupt Human Rights Council.

The United Nations is now warning that they are dangerously underfunded and won't be able to even keep the lights on if they don't get a serious influx of funds. Trump has cut so much that the UN is actually talking about shutting down programs.

Of course, the GOP Establishment is running to the rescue and promising to restore all of the funding that Trump cut...

Do not let these cowards restore the UN's funding! Tell Congress to kill these foreign aid funding amendments before it is too late!

The House and Senate have now passed their own versions of the State Department's appropriation package. Since each bill is different, Congressional leaders are meeting to negotiate and find common ground. They need to agree on identical bills in order to send them to Trump's desk for signature.

Senate negotiators, namely Mitch McConnell, are demanding that UN and foreign aid funding be restored. Establishment Republicans and Democrats are refusing to vote for any appropriations package unless this foreign aid funding is fully restored.

If they succeed, then the appropriations package will force Trump to make good on all of Obama's funding promises. None of Trump's cuts would matter anymore. He would be forced to give it all away.

Trump submitted a budget to Congress requesting drastic cuts in foreign aid. We're talking hundreds of billions cut on top of what he has already cut. The Senate ignored the budget request and approved legislation to restore international aid to near-Obama levels. 

Now, the Establishments of both parties are teaming up to demand that the House pass their bill and restore all of the UN and foreign aid funding that Trump cut!

Fight back! Tell Congress right now there will be hell to pay if they restore the UN and foreign aid funding that Trump has cut!

We're out of time. Congress must put this legislation onto Trump's desk in the next week.

The GOP thinks they have nothing to lose by caving to the Left and re-funding all of the international aid programs that Trump cut.

It is up to you to prove them all wrong!

President Trump has given us a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put an end to all of this. For decades, Presidents from both parties have propped up these anti-American organizations and countries. 

The United Nations was literally using our taxdol lars to try to undermine our sovereignty. It was the ultimate slap in the face.

Trump is putting an end to that, but he can't do it alone. He needs your help to halt Congress in its tracks.

If the GOP caves on this, it will undo all of the progress that Trump has made on defunding the UN. Please, you cannot let this happen!

Cut off the United Nations forever! Send your instant message to Congress right now and force them to KILL this establishment plan to restore the funding Trump cut!

Never stop fighting,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily