For the first time in American history, we have a President truly eager to pull the plug on the United Nations and its radical anti-American agenda.

For the last week, we had been hearing rumors that the Trump administration was going to pull 350 million from the United Nations, specifically the UN's Palestinian Refugee Agency. 

We had been hearing that Trump would cut this UN funding in a few weeks. But yesterday, Pres. Trump surprised the world by immediately cutting all funding and aid to this UN agency. It's a done deal.

Or at least it would be if Congress backed him up on it. At every turn, liberals and "moderates" in Congress have worked to stop President Trump from cutting funding from the United Nations and countries that hate us.

Bernie Sanders -- yes, the Socialist -- is now leading the charge to block the President and reinstate all of this funding!

Do not let Congress restore all of the United Nations cuts Trump has made! Join the fight right now and BLOCK Congress from restoring this funding!

Bernie Sanders is pushing this in the Senate and a group of 70 liberal Congressmen are demanding the funding be restored in the House.

Their demand is simple: "Immediately restore all US funding for humanitarian aid in Gaza, including all USAID and UNRWA funding."

Trump cut this funding because he learned what it was being used for: indoctrination.

US taxpayers were providing textbooks to half a million Palestinian school children. Do you know what those textbooks were teaching? "Death to America" and "Death to Israel."

The Palestinian government also uses our funding to help them spend their budget on helping terrorists and their families. Every year, the Palestinian Authority gives 350 million to Palestinian prisoners, martyrs, and their families. This is a terrorist family slush fund, and the only reason they can afford it is because we are funding their education and medical systems for them.

Trump cut the cord yesterday and fully defunded the UN's Palestinian relief agency. That was all thanks to YOU!

That's right, you made this happen. 

Last year, we called on Conservatives across the country to help us pressure Congress into adding a short amendment into the Omnibus bill. This amendment mimics the Taylor Force Act and gave the Trump administration to cut any Palestinian aid that could be used help the Palestinian Government pay terrorists and their families.

The amendment was authored by conservative Rep. Ron Desantis -- who is currently running for Governor in Florida -- and was able to slip past the Liberals and Moderates to become law. The Trump administration just used this power to cut off aid to Palestine all together. 

It's not flashy. There aren't any mainstream headlines devoted to our work on this issue. But we made this happen and we couldn't have done it without you.

Now, Republicans and Democrats alike are promising to reverse course and force the Trump administration to restore the funding.

You CANNOT let this happen!

Stop this establishment surrender! Join the fight and send your instant FaxBlast to help us BLOCK Congress from restoring this UN funding!

The same day that this cut was announced, the Pentagon also revealed that it was suspending more than 300M in aid to the Pakistani Government for its support of terrorist groups.

A week ago, news broke that the Trump administration was pulling more than 230 million in aid to Syria. Instead, President Trump got Saudi Arabia to foot the bill. The State Department also announced that it was cutting all aid from the out-of-control UN Human Rights Council.

At every single turn, Trump is pulling the plug on Obama's foreign aid and UN funding programs.

But none of it is finalized yet. In the next 13 days, Congress will send a spending bill to Trump's desk. If Congress orders him to restore all of this funding, then Trump will have no choice but to do it.

That is exactly what leftists and so-called moderates in Congress are working on. They are pressuring the leadership and demanding that everything Trump cut be fully restored.

President Trump has given us a once in a lifetime opportunity to pull the plug on these UN programs.

You cannot let the RINOs ruin this!

Help make Trump's UN cuts permanent! Please, send your instant FaxBlast right now and FORCE Congress to block any and all attempts to restore this funding!

The founders gave Congress the power of the purse for a reason. Force them to use it!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily