Speaker Paul Ryan called President Trump yesterday. It didn’t take long for the call to get very heated.

Ryan demanded that President Trump abandon the immigration issue in the last days of the campaign. Ryan doesn't care what Trump talks about, as long as it's not immigration.

You see, the GOP establishment didn’t see the caravan coming. Their plan all along was to push a surrender immigration package after the midterms. But with not one, not two, but three caravans marching trough Mexico right now, you and millions of other Conservatives are putting huge pressure on Congress to abandon Ryan’s amnesty plan and focus on real border security instead.

President Trump smacked Ryan down on the call, telling him simply that he “knows nothing.”

But the President had much sharper words for Ryan when it comes to the border: either Ryan must help stop the caravan and the tens of thousands of illegals streaming across the border every week, or step aside!

Please, send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to protect the border troops and kill Ryan’s immigration “compromise” bill!

Here Paul Ryan is about to lose his Speakership regardless of how tomorrow’s vote goes, and he’s only interested in keeping the border open and pursuing amnesty. He wants that to be his legacy.

President Trump took the caravan issue and used it to destroy the Democrats’ 'blue wave.' Even liberal pollsters like Nate Silver are starting to hedge their bets. But even with the GOP surging, Paul Ryan still wants open borders by any means necessary.

Ryan’s had more than a dozen chances to fund the border wall since Trump was elected. Even now, as President Trump is using the military to deploy miles of razor wire along the border, Paul Ryan is still saying the “timing isn’t right” for a border security push...

Ryan and his establishment Republican allies will NEVER secure the border on their own. Win or lose, they’re sticking with the deal they made with Nancy Pelosi weeks ago. They will make Barack Obama’s amnesty programs for illegal aliens permanent and in exchange, Congress will approve a couple billion for “border enforcement.” Only a fraction of that would actually go towards border wall construction and it wouldn’t be locked in. That means that future congresses would be able to take the funding back, without jeopardizing the amnesty and pathway to citizenship for the illegal aliens. We saw this in the 1980s when the Democrats went back on their border security deal with Reagan. Ryan wants to help the Democrats do it again.

But just this week, Nancy Pelosi threw a curveball into the mix: the Democrats want all of Trump’s troops taken off the border. When the Pentagon was resisting Trump’s orders, the Left was willing to let the military work at the border. But this week, Trump ordered the troops to start deploying razor wire along the US-Mexico border. Pelosi was furious.

The Dems are now demanding that Paul Ryan pull the funding immediately.

And this lame-duck Rino is actually thinking it over!

Please, send your instantly delivered letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to protect the border troops and kill Ryan’s immigration “compromise” bill!

Paul Ryan actually shouted while he begged the President to abandon the immigration issue.

Trump’s response? He aired a commercial last night during Sunday Night Football taking his message right to the American people.

”America cannot allow this invasion,” the commercial said while showing videos of the caravan. “The migrant caravan must be stopped. President Trump and his allies will protect our border and keep our families safe. America’s future depends on you. Stop the caravan. Vote Republican.”

It was a powerful message and a strong rebuke of Ryan’s immigration surrender plan.

But it isn’t enough to simply “vote Republican.” You need to get loud and FORCE them to not only protect Trump’s border security plan, but kill the Ryan-Pelosi immigration compromise!

They want to pull the plug on the fifteen thousand troops Trump sent to the border and kill most of the President’s legislative agenda, including Kate’s Law and the sanctuary city bill.

President Trump was right. America’s future does depend on you.

Will you join the fight? Will you stop Paul Ryan and the GOP from surrendering on immigration?

Please, send your instant and ur.gent letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to protect the border troops and kill Ryan’s immigration “compromise” bill, before it’s too late!

Now or never,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily