President Trump just ordered Mitch McConnell and the rest of the GOP leadership to the White House this afternoon. We have just learned that he will demand that Mitch McConnell bust through the Democrats' obstruction by any means necessary.

There are currently 300 of the President's nominees that are waiting for a vote. Some have waited the better part of a year, not because they are unqualified, but because the Democrats are blocking everyone who comes up for a vote.

They aren't just blocking nominees. They are also blocking the President's immigration agenda, ensuring that the border remains wide open.

Over the weekend, he ordered Congress to start confirming his nominees and passing his agenda. Now, he is delivering the ultimatum in person: Pass the agenda the American people voted for or get out.

So far, McConnell has prioritized preserving the Senate rules over actually passing the Conservative agenda. He is allowing Democrats to block everything. Paul Ryan and the leadership in the House have been happy to use the Senate's dysfunction to excuse their own inaction.

Trump is now saying 'no more.' He's calling these spineless GOPers to the White House to give them a tongue lashing. But he needs your help to hammer this home!

Don't let Ryan and McConnell stall any longer! Send your instant message to Congress and demand they get to work or else get out!

It isn't just the nominations or border wall. Trump is also demanding that the GOP leadership stop blocking term limit legislation from moving forward. There are two proposals that are stalled in Congress. One would set hard term limits for Congressmen and Senators, the other would cut off their salaries after they have served more than 2-3 terms.

The proposal that would cut off Congressional salary and benefits is being introduced as a bill, meaning that it would require just a simple majority vote to be passed (as opposed to a 2/3 vote for Constitutional amendments).

McConnell has been blocking these proposals from reaching the floor. He has been in the Senate for 33 years. Of course he is opposed to term limits, he has made a career out of promising the world but accomplishing next to nothing.

President Trump is on a mission to complete as many of his campaign promises as possible. Some -- like withdrawing from the Iran deal or moving the American embassy to Jerusalem -- he can accomplish on his own. But there are others that he needs Congress for.

So, he is calling the GOP leadership to the White House today to deliver his ultimatum: if they go on their month-and-a-half long vacation without finishing the work on their plates, then they will be removed from office.

Think about all of the bills that the Republican establishment refuses to put onto Trump's desk: border security, Kate's law, a ban on sanctuary cities, 2nd Amendment protections, pro-life bills, Congressional term limits, the list goes on and on...

We have wasted far too much time letting the cowards in Congress run out the clock. That is what the Democrats are hoping for. They are hoping to retake the House in November and block every bill that President Trump pushes. Republicans are desperately trying to avoid voting on anything before the midterms. They're trying to run out the clock as well.

Trump is putting his foot down and demanding the cowards move forward with his agenda or get out. He's delivering the bombshell today to them in person.

But the only way it works is if you hit them right between the eyes!

No more delays! Send your message to Congress and FORCE them to get to work passing the President's agenda or else be removed from office!

It is clear that the GOP never expected Trump to win and never wanted to. They wanted a President Hillary Clinton. That would let them continue to make promises without ever worrying about having to carry them out. They could have promised to end Obamacare, secure the border, save the 2nd Amendment, and protect the unborn without actually facing the pressures of having to do it.

Case in point: Republicans in the House and Senate put a bill to defund Planned Parenthood onto President Obama's desk, but now that there is a President willing to sign it, all of a sudden the votes "aren't there."

President Trump is dropping the hammer. Congress is planning to take all of August and two weeks of July off for vacation.

Trump's message is clear: they haven't earned it. But he needs you to hammer home the same message!

Back up the President! Send your instant message to Congress here and tell them that if they go on vacation without approving Trump's nominees or passing the conservative agenda, they will be removed!

Fight to take this country back,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily