Over the past week or so, we have been highlighting the budget process in Congress and how GOP leadership is trying to avoid having to fund Donald Trump’s border wall.

Paul Ryan has said that maybe the funding will come in October. Democrats have promised to vote against any bill that contains immigration or border enforcement funding.

They tried to do this behind closed doors. We refused to let that happen.

Now, the White House is swinging back.

The Trump administration is demanding that Congress fund the President’s border wall along the southern border. Today, the White House is issuing guidance to Federal agencies and departments on how to prepare for a government shutdown if the bill that reaches the President's desk doesn't finance the wall.

They are going all in. It is time for us to go all in as well.

President Trump is demanding border wall funding in next week’s budget bill. Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they add the border wall funding to the legislation or else!

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have been adamant. They were refusing to fund President Trump’s border wall. The resolve in GOP leadership seems to be cracking, but there are still many Republicans who are refusing to vote for border wall funding.

Right now, the project is running on fumes. DHS Secretary John Kelly found 20 million in miscellaneous funds that have been reallocated to the project, but that will run out in a matter of days.

We were waiting to see whether President Trump would take this GOP betrayal lying down.

He isn't.

Not only is Trump willing to shut the government down over this, but his budget director – Mick Mulvaney – has admitted that the President would be willing to start actively defunding the Obamacare exchanges if the Democrats don’t fall in line.

“We know there are a lot of people on the Hill, especially in the Democratic Party, who don’t like the wall,” Mulvaney said yesterday in an interview, “but they lost the election.”

“The president has been quoted several times and said he’s inclined not to make [Obamacare payments] and I can’t tell you that I’m interested in dissuading him from that position.”

The wall needs to be initially funded. President Trump has declared war on Congressional leadership in order to get that done.

The White House is putting the pressure on Congress but it is up to YOU to hit them as well!

Trump just called Paul Ryan’s bluff. Send your message to Congress right now and FORCE them to re-add border wall funding to next week’s budget bill!

This is a two-pronged fight. On the one hand, we’re fighting Congressional leadership and turncoat Republicans. These are people who resisted and opposed Trump during the campaign and still refuse to support the policies that got him elected. But we’re also fighting Democrats to shame them into securing the border.

President Trump is all in. He is demanding border wall funding and even threatening to shut down the government if Republicans and Democrats refuse to fund it.

They are already trying to spin this against Trump. Republicans and Democrats alike are trying to blame Trump for these shutdown threats.

We have a President who promised to enforce our immigration laws and now he is using every single tool at his disposal to make it happen.

But he needs your help!

President Trump is willing to fight. Are you? Send your FaxBlast here and DEMAND that Congress re-add border wall funding to this budget bill!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily