Breaking: President Trump is preparing to roll out an executive order to block all illegal immigration, and the GOP is furious!

Over the next 24 hours, President Trump will be unveiling his full plan to deal with the illegal alien caravan rushing towards the United States. He is treating this like a national security emergency, and he absolutely should.

Throughout the day, I flip through channels to see how different news networks are covering the caravan. Yesterday, Fox and Friends released a video that their reporter shot embedded inside of the caravan. He interviewed an illegal alien who had already been deported and removed from the United States. Using a translator, the reporter asked what the man had been convicted of and deported for. If this exchange wasn't on camera, I wouldn't have believed it happened

"A third degree felony," the illegal migrant responded, "attempted murder. I hope that President Trump will pardon me."

This man was already deported for attempted murder and he is traveling with the caravan, hoping that President Trump will pardon him and let him stay.

President Trump has different ideas.

The President of the United States just overruled the Pentagon to send more troops to the border. As we reported last week, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was mobilizing a paltry 800 troops to go to the border. All of them were going to be engineers, doctors, and lawyers. President Trump overruled him. The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that the President is now deploying 5k soldiers to the border.

But the President has something else up his sleeve. He is going to shut the border down completely and the GOP leadership is rushing to stop him!

Don't let Congress block President Trump from closing the border! Send your instant letter to Congress right now and ORDER them to help the President secure the border, or else face the wrath of the voters!

Paul Ryan went on television this weekend and decided to trash the President. The outgoing Speaker of the House criticized President Trump for using the caravan to stoke Republicans' "security anxiety" in the lead up to the midterm elections. Let me translate that for you: Trump is making Republican voters put pressure on Congress to pass a border security bill, and Paul Ryan doesn't like it.

The implication is clear. Less than a day after a crazed Trump-hating anti-semite shot up a synagogue, Paul Ryan is blaming Pres. Trump for the "tribalism" that is dividing America. And here's the real kicker: Ryan believes that the best way to heal divisions in the country is to let the caravan into the US.

Here we have a caravan literally embedded convicted felons -- including someone convicted of attempted murder -- and unknown migrants from Southwest Asia (Univision confirmed at least one Bangladeshi national in the caravan). Remember last week when the media called Trump a liar for claiming there might be terrorists using the caravan to sneak into the country? Yea, Trump was right.

Paul Ryan, on the other hand, doesn't see anything wrong with a caravan of illegal aliens breaking into the country. He knows it isn't actually about asylum. Every member of the caravan was offered full asylum in Mexico over the weekend, including complete safety from the gangs in Honduras they're fleeing, but they turned it down. These aren't asylum seekers... they're invaders.

To Paul Ryan, this is all about economics. Illegal aliens will always work for less than American citizens and Ryan and the GOP's corporate donors are demanding more cheap labor. It doesn't matter that a convicted attempted murderer is trying to break back into the country. They don't care about the innocent Americans who would be victimized by these illegal aliens.

That is why the border is still wide open. That is why we see the GOP leadership fighting so hard to stop Trump from closing the border. Congress has a legislative package that could stop this caravan right now, but Ryan won't put it to a vote.

So, President Trump is going nuclear. Under the law, Donald Trump has the authority to block any alien or class of aliens from entering the country. 8 USC 1182(f) gives Trump complete discretion to close the border to any illegal aliens he deems would be detrimental to the United States. And Pres. Trump is doing just that. He is announcing the border closure as early as tomorrow. The President ordered the Pentagon to increase the troop deployment to over five thousand and he is instructing them to help border patrol to completely close the border!

The GOP is absolutely furious and demanding that Trump stop!

Stop Paul Ryan from protecting the caravan! Tell Congress that if they do not help President Trump block the caravan from entering the country, they will be removed from office!

Up until now, the GOP leadership was working against President Trump behind the scenes. But now, they are taking their obstruction public.

Paul Ryan has just a couple more months left in power. He is committed not only to keeping the border wide open, but also to give amnesty to as many illegal aliens as possible. This is what he wants his legacy to be...

President Trump is going his own way. Not only has he personally ordered the Pentagon to increase the troop deployment, but he is announcing an executive order to completely block the caravan from ever entering the United States. Right now, US law allows illegal aliens to immediately ask for asylum the minute they come into contact with a border patrol agent. President Trump's executive order -- which will be announced as soon as tomorrow -- will supersede that provision on national security grounds.

Already, we are seeing the GOP start to fight back. Ryan is demanding that Trump just let the caravan waltz right in and debating legislative action to block Trump's executive order from taking effect!

Do not let Congress block the President! Fight back!

Stop these GOP traitors! Please, send your instantly delivered letter to Congress right now and force them to pass the border security package Trump needs to stop the caravan, or else they will be removed from office!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily