Oh my goodness. The news coming out of Washington is absolutely mind-blowing. We now know that the bias in the FBI against Pres. Trump was far worse than any of us ever thought.

A year ago, no one had ever heard of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Today, they are the central players in a real conspiracy to take President Trump out and the FBI just magically lost almost all of their evidence against them.

Strzok and Page were having an affair with one another. They would text each other on their government-issue phones. All of those texts are designed to be preserved. Except, there is a five month window where their texts are just magically missing.

And do you want to know when the text messages just happen to start getting recorded again? The day after Robert Mueller was appointed.

This is how the Left operates. Remember Lois Lerner? Congress had her dead to rights on multiple felonies for her role in targeting Conservatives when she ran an office in the IRS. Even though the IRS had a legal responsibility to safeguard that evidence, they "accidentally" sent the hard drives out to be incinerated.

Then there was the Clinton Campaign. They were under a legal preservation order from Congress to preserve Hillary's email records. Instead, the hard drives were wiped clean and then recycled using BleachBit to make the data unrecoverable. The Clinton team used hammers to destroy phones, for goodness sake.

Now, there are five months of missing text messages from the very FBI agent leading the assault against Pres. Trump. They're trying to cover their tracks!

 Shut. It. Down. Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to pull the plug on Mueller's witch hunt for good!

The odds of the text message recording software being fixed the day after Robert Mueller's appointment are astronomical. Richard Nixon was impeached for destroying 18 minutes of tape. Five whole months of texts between anti-Trump conspirators have suddenly gone missing and we're just supposed to accept that?

Senator Ron Johnson just went on the radio and read off a new Strzok text message that his office had found. In the text message, Strzok admits to Page that there is "no there there" on the Trump-Russia case. "My gut sense and concern is that there's no big there there," Strzok wrote to his mistress. He was referring to the Russia probe.

Trey Gowdy has also come forward and announced that he found a bombshell in the texts that the DOJ just handed over to Congress. The day after Trump's victory, Strzok and Page texted each other about convening their anti-Trump "secret society." It seems pretty obvious they're referring to their plan to launch an "insurance policy" in case Trump won.

So, in April of 2016, we have these two FBI and DOJ officials talking about preparing an "insurance policy" to go after Trump if he happened to win. Then, in November, they are talking about convening their anti-Trump "secret society" to finish the job.

Then, the text messages suddenly disappear from the DOJ's records and only the system only starts recording the two's conversations the day after Mueller is appointed.

This is absolutely criminal and thank goodness members of Congress are starting to stand up!

Shut. It. Down. Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to pull the plug on Mueller's witch hunt for good!

Mueller has had a year. He has nothing. In that time, he has charged two people with a decade-old tax violation and caught two Trump aides lying about perfectly legal activities. He has had a year to prove collusion. He couldn't.

Want to know why? Because there never was collusion. This isn't about getting to the truth. This is about Strzok's secret society undoing the 2016 election, by any means necessary.

Yesterday, Congress passed a continuing resolution to fund the government until February 8. That next budget bill will decide what resources Robert Mueller gets to continue his witch hunt.

Representative Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has introduced the amendment to pull the plug on Mueller's witch hunt. This is our best chance to get it shut down. If Congress adds this one sentence to the next spending bill, Mueller's team would lose all of their government funding. They wouldn't even be able to buy donuts.

The Amendment is really just one sentence: "None of the funds made available by this Act may be used to fund activities pursuant to Department of Justice order 3915-2017."

This one sentence will end this witch hunt and ensure that this "secret society" is not allowed to overturn the 2016 election. This is a coup d'etat. How else do you explain members of an armed government agency conspiring to overturn a free and fair election?

This one sentence will shut down Mueller's coup for good!

Please, join the fight to stop this deep state treachery! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they pull the plug on Mueller's coup attempt!