It is absolutely stunning.

Early Monday morning, Mitt Romney became the first Republican to officially flip against Trump on impeachment. Even though the charges that Democrats have levied against Trump are literally not crimes, Mitt Romney claims that Congress needs to hear testimony from additional witnesses anyway...

Well, we knew that other GOPers would follow. But we never imagined just how many would flip so quickly.

Susan Collins (ME) became the next to turn, signaling that she will vote with Democrats to extend the "trial" and call anti-Trump witnesses. After her, as predicted, it was Lisa Murkowski (AK). She released a statement saying that after listening to the Democrats' case, she is also "curious" to hear from other witnesses...

That puts the number of GOP flips now at three. One more flip and Democrats will have the votes to take over the trial process and call additional anti-Trump witnesses.

But it gets even worse than that. In addition to now supporting calling anti-Trump witnesses, these GOPers are also refusing to call defense witnesses like the Bidens, Adam Schiff, or the so-called Whistleblower!

You must stand up and stop this betrayal before it is too late! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill these bogus impeachment articles once and for all!

These GOP cowards aren't just teaming up with the Democrats. They are literally standing against the President. 

It would be one thing to offer a witness trade. We here at Conservative Daily have always called for these impeachment articles to be dismissed without additional witnesses. The fact that we have gotten to the trial phase is shameful enough as it is.

But if Congress is going to call witnesses, then there are a few people that the American people deserve to hear from.

(1) Joe and Hunter Biden. As Vice President, Joe Biden had a duty to avoid even the appearance of wrongdoing. He failed. Biden weaponized US assistance to force Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who just so happened to be investigating his son's company. At the very least, this is highly unethical and the Bidens have a lot of explaining to do. Lindsey Graham, however, is now saying that he doesn't want to hear from the Bidens. Even if Democrats subpoena John Bolton, he wants to let the Bidens get away with it!

(2) The so-called "Whistleblower." Last week, we covered a report detailing how Trump administration officials overheard Eric Ciaramella, believed to be the whistleblower, conspiring with another Obama holdover named Sean Misko. All the way back in February of 2017, Ciaramella was overheard saying how desperate he was to help remove Trump from office. That is called a "Seditious Conspiracy" and is a felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Not only did Ciaramella become the whistleblower that started this whole sham impeachment, but his co-conspirator, Sean Misko, now works as one of Adam Schiff's impeachment staffers. But the GOP wants to let this traitor get away with it!

(3) Adam Schiff. One of the earliest bombshells during the impeachment process was that Adam Schiff's office had coordinated with the whistleblower before he filed his official report. A sitting Congressman conspired with a deep state saboteur to kickstart this entire impeachment process. If anyone should be called to answer for their actions, it should absolutely be Adam Schiff!

But the GOP is refusing to call these witnesses. Even as Republicans flip and start joining the Democrats' push to extend the trial, they are only agreeing to call anti-Trump witnesses!

You must stand up and stop this betrayal before it is too late! Send your important FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill these bogus impeachment articles once and for all!

House Democrats are also scrambling to expand their witch hunt. If the Senate agrees to extend the trial indefinitely, then Nancy Pelosi wants to be able to send over additional "evidence." They are now preparing to subpoena dozens of additional Trump administration officials for one reason and one reason only: Democrats want to damage President Trump as much as possible.

And now, the GOP is going to help them do it... The Left only needs one more GOPer to cave. It can be Cory Gardner (CO), Lamar Alexander (TN), Pat Toomey (PA), Rob Portman (OH), Jerry Moran (KS), or a host of other Republicans. If even just one of them cave, it is all over.

Our position remains unchanged. The charges against Trump are the weakest articles of impeachment that this country has ever seen. Considering the fact that they do not even allege actual crimes, Congress should have dismissed these charges long ago.

But if the GOPers are going to cave... if they are going to flip sides and join the Democrats to extend the trial and call additional witnesses... then they MUST also give the President the right to call witnesses as well!

Imagine if this was happening in a criminal court. Imagine if a biased team of prosecutors was caught hiding exculpatory evidence, advancing bogus charges, and blocking defense witnesses. They would be thrown in jail for Contempt of Congress.

But instead of throwing this case out, Republicans are now going to give the Democrats exactly what they want, while also denying the President to call his witnesses!

The surrender is almost complete. Yesterday, the number of GOP turncoats stood at one. Today, it has officially grown to three. If one more flips, it is over.

You must stand up and stop this betrayal before it is too late! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill these bogus impeachment articles once and for all!

Help stop this betrayal before it's too late!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily