Mitte Romney is forcing a vote this week on the Article One Act, a bill that would completely shut down border wall construction!

Over the last week we have warned that there is a push in Congress to claw back the funding for the border wall. That vote is now being held this coming week!

Stop the GOP and Dems from cutting the border wall funding this week! Join today's campaign and STOP Congress from passing the Article One Act and defunding the border wall project!

As you know, President Trump used his executive authority to declare a national emergency at the US-Mexico border. That allowed him to free up discretionary funds to be used for border enforcement.

The biggest chunk of that is for border wall construction. Now that the Pentagon has finalized the final transfer, the President now has 8.1 billion to build 470+ miles of border wall over the next year.

As it stands right now, Democrats are trying to push through a spending package that outlaws border wall construction. The provision (found in Section 227 of the Homeland Security Appropriations Act) dictates that no federal funds can be used on border wall construction next year.

As we warned, GOPers are already lining up to help the Democrats pass it. But to them, it isn't enough. They want to strip Pres. Trump of the power to declare National Emergencies all together!

You see, back in March, 25 Republicans voted with Democrats in the House and Senate to pass a resolution revokingTrump's border wall emergency order. But it wasn't enough. Trump vetoed the resolution and the GOP and Dems couldn't muster the votes to override the veto.

Senators Mike Lee (R-UT) and Mitt Romney (R-UT) have introduced the Article One Act to remove the President's ability to veto these kinds of bills. It would give these RINOs complete power to revoke any national emergency simply by teaming up with Democrats to pass the resolution with a simple majority (instead of a veto-proof two-thirds super majority).

Why are Lee and Romney teaming up to push this bill through? They are angry that the border wall project has siphoned funds from military construction projects in their home state of Utah. An estimated 54 million in military construction funds have been reprogrammed from Utah to the Southern Border.  

Half of that funding was set to go towards an Air Force antenna calibration facility and the other half was set to go to a test and training range. Those projects haven't been cancelled either. They have just been delayed.

But that delay alone has been enough to turn them against the border wall emergency order. They are teaming up with Democrats to block 8.1 billion in border wall funding because two obscure military construction projects in Utah got delayed a couple of months...

And they are trying to force a vote on this bill this week!

This is the ultimate betrayal...

Stop the GOP and Dems from cutting the border wall funding this week! Join today's campaign and STOP Congress from passing the Article One Act and defunding the border wall project!

The Democrats' bill, if it passes, will claw back the funding from Trump's border wall national emergency. Technically, though, the President would have the power to declare a new emergency order and re-secure the funding anyway.

But this new GOP bill would block that from ever happening. It would make the Democrat defunding provision permanent. The GOP is actively working with the Democrats to undermine President Trump's border security programs. 

Just yesterday, the administration announced that border crossings have been cut in half. The President's plan is working. The Establishment is furious. They want to flood the country with as much cheap labor as possible.

But the Article One Act would block the President from ever again declaring another national emergency to secure the border!

Our goal today is to bombard Congress with at least 100,000 FaxBlasts demanding that they kill these bills and protect the border wall funding, or else be removed from office.

However, we can't do this without you!

For years, we have been fighting for the border wall. Now that success is actually in sight, the GOP establishment is rallying to shut it down. And the first vote is this week!

You CANNOT let this happen!

Don't let them push this through!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily