The House of Representatives impeached Donlad Trump last night. In the end, only a handful of Democrats had the guts to vote against Nancy Pelosi. The rest committed political suicide along with the rest of their party.

According to the Constitution, now that Donald Trump has been impeached, he has the right to an immediate trial. He has the right to mount a defense and clear his name. Just like any other American accused of a crime or wrong doing, he has a right to a trial.

But Nancy Pelosi is now denying Trump the right to defend himself. She is refusing to deliver the impeachment resolution over to the Senate to allow the trial to begin.

It is a disgusting abuse of power. It shows just how consumed with hatred Pelosi is towards Trump.

Over the course of the entire process, Democrats claimed that Trump would have an opportunity to defend himself at trial, so it didn't matter that he was excluded from the impeachment process. But now, the Democrats are using a gross maneuver to block the Senate from moving forward.

It is gross...

Basically, Nancy Pelosi is playing a game of keep-away. Less than 500 feet separate the House of Representatives and the Senate, and Pelosi believes that she can indefinitely block the trial simply by hiding the official copy of the impeachment resolution from Senate Republicans...

But according to the Senate Rules, it doesn't matter who delivers the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. Technically, anyone can deliver it. Since Trump has already been impeached, and the roll has been certified by the Clerk, all it takes is one Congressman to walk it across the Capitol Building and place it on Mitch McConnell's desk.

That is what Nancy Pelosi is refusing to do. She is also refusing to name the House of Representatives' "managers." These are the House Members who will argue the case in the Senate. They would basically be the prosecutors against Trump. Since the Senate Rules require the managers to be named before the trial can proceed, Pelosi can indefinitely block Trump from having his chance to defend himself simply by refusing to name the managers.

Pelosi is hoping she can use this as leverage to force Mitch McConnell to allow Democrats to run the trial in the Senate. Yes, you read that correctly. Democrats want Chuck Schumer to decide the rules, not McConnell...

This is a gross abuse of power and it is a violation of President Donald Trump's right to a fair trial!

It is time to fight back. Our goal today is to bury Congress in no less than a half million FaxBlasts ordering them to stop Nancy Pelosi! Our plan has two parts.

(1) Force someone in the House of Representatives, anyone, to transmit the Articles of Impeachment from the House of Representatives to the Senate. As silly as it seems, we need to force at least one person to walk the Resolution 500 feet across Capitol Hill. And there is no provision in the Constitution or in the law that requires Pelosi to be the one who delivers it.

(2) Force the Senate to change the rules to smack Pelosi back down. The Constitution gives the Senate the "sole power" to run the trial. The only hold up is that the Senate Rules require Pelosi to name the House's prosecutors before the trial can proceed. It only takes a 51-vote majority to change the rules to stop Pelosi from blocking the trial.

Democrats know they made a huge mistake in impeaching Trump, but now they want to deny him the right to a trial and block him from being exonerated.

But our plan would shut Pelosi's stunt down once and for all!

Don't let Nancy Pelosi violate the Constitution! Send your instant FaxBlast to both the House and the Senate and FORCE them to bypass Pelosi and move forward with acquitting President Donald Trump!

Nancy Pelosi wants to control the narrative and literally violate the Constitution to prevent Donald Trump from getting a trial. She knows that the Senate will not convict Trump and remove him from office, so she wants to stop Trump from being acquitted.

One horrible, horrible woman is now standing in the way of putting an end to this impeachment sham. That is why we need your help right now!

We can finish this right now, but only if we put pressure on the House and the Senate right now!

Stop her!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily