Pelosi is now forcing a vote on a bill that would side with Iran and prevent the President from retaliating against an Iranian attack unless he gets the Democrats' permission first. This is treasonous!

Nancy Pelosi is making her move. Not only is she actively trying to remove Donald Trump from office... and not only is she actively coordinating with the United Nations to undermine the administration abroad... but now she is trying to get rid of Donald Trump's ability to even defend the country!

This all started when an Iranian-backed militia stormed the US embassy in Baghdad. They were ultimately repelled by Marines on the grounds, and Trump responded by approving a drone strike against Iranian General Qassim Suleimani. Suleimani was the man responsible for hundreds of American casualties during the Iraq War and helped orchestrate the embassy attack.

After the attack, Iran declared that they were going to launch strikes against US soldiers in the Middle East. Trump smacked back, warning that any attack on American forces would be met with the full strength and power of the United States military.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, of course, were furious. They demanded that Trump ask for their permission before retaliating against any Iranian attacks. Trump told them to pound sand, which brings us to today...

Late last night, Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to her Democrat colleagues announcing that she plans to hold a vote to stop Trump from retaliating. She wants to tie the President's hands and force him to ask the Democrats for permission before he is allowed to defend the country...

Stop the Treasonous Democrats! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill Nancy Pelosi's radical War Powers Resolution!

President Trump threatened to strike back against Iran if they dared attack the US, and now Nancy Pelosi wants to block that from ever happening. 

In her letter to Democrats, Pelosi called Trump's actions and threats of retaliation "provocative and disproportionate" and promised to roll-back Trump's ability to respond to any Iranian attacks. Even though what Trump did was legal, even according to top-level Obama administration officials, Pelosi says that Trump 'disrespected Congress' by not asking for their permission before taking out the Iranian General responsible for the embassy attack.

Pelosi's bill would require Trump to seek Congressional approval for any military action, and if the Democrats refuse to approve the request, then the United States military would have to halt all activities -- even if they were under attack from Iran!

Democrats hate the President so much, they are now defending Iran... This is absolute madness.

In the Senate, an identical resolution was introduced by Sen. Tim Kaine. Democrats are now saying that they plan to force a vote on the resolution this week.

And they have Republicans supporting them!

Stop the Treasonous Democrats! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill Nancy Pelosi's radical War Powers Resolution!

The Left has spent the last week actually defending Iran. They care more about protecting Iran than they care about helping Trump protect the American people. They have become so radicalized that under Pelosi's new bill, Trump's strike against Suleimani would have been classified as a "war crime."

It is really remarkable. They didn't care when Barack Obama dropped over 26,000 bombs on seven different countries in 2016 alone. 

Democrats are now begging Ayatollah Khamenei to give them time to take care of Trump themselves. They are actively trying to negotiate with Iran to help them at the expense of the United States...

This is treason. Democrats are openly, and unapologetically, colluding with the enemy. They are flagrantly violating their oaths of office. And now they want to tie Trump's hands for purely political reasons. They are putting their own political objectives over the defense of the nation.

And remarkably, the Left has GOP support in both the House and the Senate. They claim to have the votes to push it through.

You MUST stop them!

Stop the Radical Leftists!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily