When President Trump said that he wanted his administration to play a roll in deciding when cities and states re-open, the far left pounced and accused him of violating the 10th Amendment. 

They claimed that Trump was violating "states' rights" and that it was up to those local and state leaders to make the decision.

Trump persisted, claiming that he would have the power to force them to re-open if he wanted to, but ultimately took a step back and said he would allow each city and state to decide for themselves.

However, now that the full extent of the economic consequences of these lockdowns are becoming known, Leftists want to have their cake and eat it too: They want to keep the Federal government out of the decision making process, but they also want to get a bail out from American taxpayers...

Democrats tried to get unrestricted funding added to the PPP extension bill, but the GOP held the line and blocked it.

The Far Left was furious. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo criticized Democrats for leaving cities and states out to dry. Nancy Pelosi fired back yesterday and told the governor to "calm down."

"We will have state and local [funding], and we will have it in a very significant way."

Pelosi has now promised that the half trillion bailout for liberal cities and states will be put to a vote!

Don't let Pelosi get away with this! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to BLOCK the Far Left's unrestricted city/state funding demands!

It is really important to clarify what "unrestricted" funding would mean. Usually, when the Federal government gives funding or assistance to states, it comes with strings attached. For example, for the longest time, Federal highway funding was tied to speed limit restrictions. Any state that set their highway speed limits above 55 MPH would lose funding.

While that is definitely one of the stricter examples, all Federal funding always has strings attached. Funding has to be used for specific purposes.

There is a reason, though, that Leftists want this funding to be unrestricted. That is because states like California and New York were already racing towards bankruptcy before the Chinese Coronavirus reached our shores. For years, these Leftist dystopias have spent their funds on radical pet projects. Did you know that to this day, California is still paying the legal fees for illegal aliens fighting against deportation orders? Did you know that New York has set aside millions to fight lawsuits challenging Governor Cuomo's decision to close gun stores? Did you know that the State of Illinois has more than 136 billion in pension liabilities? That is money they promised government workers and unions, knowing they could never possibly afford it.

Budgets are all about priorities and for years, these liberal cities and states have accumulated hundreds of billions in debt to pay for these leftist pet projects. But it gets even worse. Instead of recognizing the insanity of spending revenues that they don't have, Democrats doubled down. They raised their residents taxes over and over again. It has gotten so bad in these blue states that they are now experiencing an exodus of wealthy and middle class families. The New Jersey legislature actually had to have hold an emergency session in 2016 to fix the budget, all because one billionaire moved out of state and New Jersey lost 140 million in tax revenue as a result.

It is an endless cycle. Blue cities and states approve radical leftist spending plans and then are forced to raise taxes even more as taxpayers flee to more friendly states.

The coronavirus exposed all of that. And now, New York and California want a bailout. They insisted on being able to decide the terms of their lockdowns, but want the rest of the country to bail them out for decades of their mistakes...

That is why Pelosi and the Democrats are pushing so hard for unrestricted funding. They want to use this crisis as an opportunity to save these cities and states from bankruptcies of their own creation.

No way!

Don't let Pelosi get away with this! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to BLOCK the Far Left's unrestricted city/state funding demands!

When you add up all of the relief spending that Congress has already approved, the total starts approaching 3 trillion.

But the Left keeps demanding more. They are demanding another half-trillion "stimulus package" to save these Leftist dystopias from bankruptcy. And by design, Pelosi is requiring that these funds be classified as "unrestricted," so cities and states can use the funds however they like.

If this passes, the funding will trickle down to illegal aliens. It will be used to fight lawsuits challenging the unconstitutionality of these lockdowns. It will be used to arrest and fine people who attend church services without permission or dare go swimming in the ocean. 

The answer is NO. Nancy Pelosi can NOT be allowed to force through hundreds of billions in unrestricted funding for leftist cities and states. 

But unless you rise up and stop it, that is exactly what will happen. The GOP is already negotiating with Democrats over a plan to bailout these cities in exchange for relief for American farmers. They're already lining up to give the Far Left exactly what they want.

And it is up to YOU to stop them!

Don't let Pelosi get away with this! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to BLOCK the Far Left's unrestricted city/state funding demands!

Stop them now!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily