Nancy Pelosi has done it. She has bowed to the demands from the radical left in her party and refused to allow a vote on legislation to fully fund Border Patrol and ICE.

A month ago, Congress passed a border funding bill. But if you actually look at the funding in that bill, barely any actually went to Border Patrol or ICE. The vast majority was earmarked for "humanitarian aid" for illegal aliens who are caught crossing our border. 

The truth is that out of the 4.6 billion that Congress approved last month, over 1.3 billion went to housing and feeding detained illegal aliens and 3 billion went to HHS to care for illegal aliens being relocated around the country. Out of all of that, Border Patrol and ICE only received around 300 million in funding and more than a third (110 million) is going to paying Customs officials overtime that they are owed...

This wasn't a border security bill... It was welfare for illegals. No funding for new Border Patrol hires... no funding for border wall construction... and no funding for deportation raids or immigration checkpoints...

The result is that not even one month later, the Department of Homeland Security is once again running out of funding. They will run out of funding before the end of the fiscal year, sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Democrats, however, are refusing to pass a new funding bill. They are holding our country's national security hostage, demanding that Republicans pass their amnesty bill before ICE gets even another cent!

Don't let the Democrats defund ICE and Border Patrol! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass a full Homeland Security Spending Package with no amnesty strings attached

This is shameful.

In the Senate, Lindsey Graham held a hearing on his border security bill, as we reported. His bill not only fixes the gaps in our asylum laws that illegal aliens are abusing, but it also provides enough funding to hire 500 new immigration judges to get rid of the 2-year asylum case backlog in the courts.

But when Graham gaveled the committee into session, Dianne Feinstein was the only Democrat in the room. The rest of the Democrats on the committee -- Leahy (VT), Whitehouse(RI), Coons (DE), Hirono (HI), Harris (CA), Durbin (IL), Klobuchar (MN), Blumenthal (CT), and Booker (NJ) -- refused to show up to the hearing.

Under the Committee's rules, there have to be at least two Democrats present in order to approve legislation and send it to the floor. The Democrats are literally skipping hearings to stop border security bills from moving forward. Graham was forced to table the bill.

In the House, Nancy Pelosi is blocking any Homeland Security funding bill from reaching the floor. This is the only appropriations bill so-far that the House has refused to touch. She is refusing to give ICE or Border Patrol even a cent of additional funding.

Why? One word: amnesty.

Amnesty simply means that people who violate our immigration laws will be forgiven and not punished for their crimes. Usually, amnesty pushes include legalization or a pathway to citizenship. But remember, Barack Obama doled out amnesty simply by promising not to enforce the laws against illegal aliens anymore.

Pelosi and the Left are now demanding that any immigration funding bill be connected to their amnesty package -- the American Dream and Promise Act -- a bill that would literally allow illegal alien convicted criminals to become US citizens. If the GOP refuses, then they will allow these border agencies to run out of money.

But that in and of itself is also amnesty. By refusing to fund Border Patrol or ICE, the Left wants to block them from enforcing the law against illegal aliens. Border Patrol would have to release the aliens they catch and ICE would have to stop its deportation raids. Pelosi has given Republicans a ludicrous ultimatum: amnesty or amnesty.

And how is the GOP responding? They negotiating. Instead of fighting back, they are negotiating over how many illegal aliens should receive amnesty and how many crimes they would be allowed to have on their records... It really is shameful.

The Left thinks that this is a win-win for them. If the funding runs out, then Border Patrol and ICE will have to stop detaining illegal aliens all together. And if the GOP caves to their demands, then their dangerous amnesty bill will pass. The Left thinks they have nothing to lose.

But the American people have everything to lose!

Don't let them get away with this! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass a full Homeland Security Spending Package with no amnesty strings attached

President Trump seems to be fighting everyone to secure the border. He is fighting Democrats and Republicans. He is fighting the Liberal Activist Judges who block every immigration policy he implements. Trump is even fighting foreign countries to force them to crack down on the caravans marching through Central America...

But he isn't all alone. Trump still has you!

We cannot let Nancy Pelosi block ICE and Border Patrol's funding and we certainly cannot allow the GOP to cave to her amnesty demands!

Please, take action right now and fight back before it's too late!

Don't let the Democrats defund ICE and Border Patrol! Please, send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass a full Homeland Security Spending Package with no amnesty strings attached... or else!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily