Late last night, House and Senate negotiators reached a deal to fund the government through December 1. It's called a "cromnibus" bill -- a continuing resolution to fund all of government. 

Never, in my entire life, have I seen Republicans cave like this. Across the board, Conservative amendments were stripped from all of the spending bills. There's nothing left in it.

We have been fighting for months to force Conservatives to hold their ground and fulfill their promises. In one evening, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell undid most of those gains.

Planned Parenthood will be fully funded for the next year. Foreign aid programs that Trump cut will be almost fully restored. Gun rights proposals are being left on the cutting room floor. Obama's amnesty and catch and release programs will remain in effect. 

And ZERO funding for the border wall will be approved. For the tenth time, the GOP is voting to ban Trump from building a border wall.

With Hurricane Florence battering the Carolinas, Paul Ryan actually tied FEMA funding to this border wall ban. President Trump threatened to veto any spending bill that blocked the border wall and Ryan is such a snake, he tied it to FEMA's funding.

If Trump wants to veto the package, then he would leave millions of Americans vulnerable in the middle of hurricane season.

It's absolutely shameful. Paul Ryan is retiring in less than four months and his last "gift" to the American people is a spending bill chock full of Democrat priorities!

Kill this GOP surrender spending bill now! Tell Congress right now that any Congressman or Senator who votes for the Ryan-McConnell border wall surrender plan will be removed from office!

The Constitution's framers deliberately gave Congress the "power of the purse." Congress has the power to pick and choose what programs receive funding and which do not.

The GOP is giving the Democrats practically every thing they want. They didn't hold the line on anything.

You see, Ryan and McConnell were more interested in defeating President Trump than passing the Conservative agenda. The package they negotiated with Democrats will prevent Trump from being able to shutdown the government over a lack of border wall funding.

They're stabbing the President in the back. In the middle of a hurricane emergency, they have actually tied FEMA funding to their border wall ban. Of course, Trump cannot pull funding from FEMA right in the middle of hurricane season. He is being forced into signing whatever Congress sends him.

With Republicans like this, who needs Democrats??

Paul Ryan is less than four months away from retiring and he is using his power to not only push the Democrats' agenda, but to deliberately stab President Trump in the back. When he announced his retirement, Ryan promised Liberal groups that he would stop Pres. Trump from building the wall.

If Congress passes this bill, then he will have done just that.

Honestly, they think you are too stupid to see through their scheme. The GOP-controlled Congress is about to ban the border wall from being built. This is an indefinite ban that will remain on the books until a majority of Congressmen and at least 60 Senators agree to lift it.

The Republican leadership is promising that if we let them ban the border wall construction now and vote for them in November, they will try to undo the ban after the midterm election, once We the People lose our leverage.

After years of backstabbing, they're asking us to just "trust" them. It is insulting to our intelligence.

The Congressional leadership is now rushing to push this surrender package through before you have a chance to stop them.

You CANNOT let them get away with this betrayal!

Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress before it's too late and threaten tor remove any Congressman or Senator who votes for this horrible cromnibus bill and outlaws border wall construction!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily