The GOP is scrambling to get the votes to pass their amnesty surrender bill. As I warned you, Paul Ryan has been actively courting liberals and RINOs because he knows he won't have the Conservative votes.

In addition to giving a pathway to citizenship to 1.8 million illegal aliens, Ryan's bill was just edited to also grant an additional 1.35 million low-skill visas to foreigners.

But, this still doesn't look like enough to get the Democrats on board. So, Ryan is looking to go even further...

He is looking to strip language to dismantle chain migration. This is what the Democrats really want. They want to give citizenship to all of the illegal alien "Dreamers" and then let them serve as the anchor to bring their family members into the country as well.

Time and time again, we hear that we can't blame the "Dreamers" because they didn't make the choice to enter the country. They came as children. But if these illegals get legalization and citizenship, they would be able to also legalize their criminal parents.

This is an amnesty grab. This Ryan bill could grant amnesty to more than 5M people... That is flat-out unacceptable.

Paul Ryan hasn't finished up the edits yet. There is still time to stop him!

Stop amnesty in its tracks! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to hold the line and block Paul Ryan's amnesty expansion!

There are some really good measure in the bill. It would fully fund the border wall and make it next to impossible for future Congresses to claw back the money. Just last night, e-verify was added as well, which would require all companies to verify they are only hiring Americans or legal residents.

But like always, Paul Ryan is the reason we can't have nice things...

President Trump has come out and voiced his support for this new bill as it stands right now. That is a big caveat, considering that the legislation is still being changed. Trump realizes this is the best chance to get funding for the border wall, even if it means giving up on some of his demands.

But we CANNOT allow the GOP to water it down and expand the amnesty to millions more illegal aliens!

We have a chance, right now, to get exactly what we want. But we are also dangerously close to the GOP just giving it all away.

Now, more than ever, you must get loud and force Congress to hold the line!

Ryan is forcing a vote on this bill today and is still trying to sweeten it up for the Democrats and RINOs.

You MUST force Congress to block Ryan from expanding amnesty! Send your instant message and tell Congress you will remove anyone who allows this amnesty expansion to go through!

This vote is today. We are teetering on a razor's edge between victory and defeat. Paul Ryan would rather make concessions to the Democrats than shore up Conservatives.

Ryan's plan would not only flood the country with more cheap labor, but it would nearly triple the amnesty. 

You cannot allow this to happen!

Hold the line! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to block Paul Ryan's amnesty expansion plan!

The vote is today. We are out of time...

If we're going to fight and stop this, it has to be now.


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily