Oh my God.

Yesterday, an Obama Judge stepped in and used international law to force the Trump administration to stand down and let all of the illegal alien caravans into the country...

Border Patrol is being overrun. There are too many illegal aliens crossing for Border Patrol. Federal Law dictates that if these people even step one toe onto US soil, then they have to be given full due process. They are given a court date months away but because Democrats cut detention funding, Border Patrol and ICE don't have the resources to keep them detained all that time. So, they have to release these illegals and hope that they show up to their deportation hearings. More than 90 percent do not.

So, the Trump administration implemented a new policy to force "asylum seekers" to wait in Mexico for their court dates. They still get their due process, but don't get a chance to disappear into American society. And when the judge rules that their asylum claim is bogus, the illegals are already in Mexico, so we don't even technically need to deport them.

Mexico agreed to all of this. However, the ACLU sued and argued that the Trump administration was violating illegal aliens' rights by preventing them from disappearing into our society.

They filed their suit in the 9th Circuit and yesterday, Obama Judge Richard Seeborg ruled that the Trump administration was violating international law by stopping illegal aliens from flooding into the country.

This is absolute madness!

Stop this Obama judge before it's too late! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to close the asylum loopholes, or else!

For decades, the United States has processed asylum claims while applicants wait in foreign countries. But this one Obama Judge just ruled that the Trump administration has to let them all in instead.

We know what happens. Illegal aliens practically never show up to their deportation hearings. Of the "asylum seekers" that do, practically all of them are deported nowadays. There isn't war, famine, or natural disasters plaguing Central America. These people are not refugees, they are economic migrants. They don't legally qualify for asylum.

The 'Wait in Mexico' policy ensured that asylum frauds were not allowed to disappear into our country before they could be deported. Judge Seeborg says that Mexico is simply "too dangerous" to force migrants to wait there while their cases are processed. That's right, a judge just re-opened the border because of how dangerous Mexico is. The fact that Mexico is dangerous is even more reason to secure the border...

But even more sinister is the role that "international law" plays in this ruling. It is no secret that the United Nations has been trying to help illegal aliens game our asylum system and commit fraud to get into the country. UN officials are in Mexico coaching migrants on exactly what they need to say to be let into the US. Federal law allows the administration to return migrants to "contiguous" countries, like Mexico, while their claims are heard. But Judge Seeborg ruled that international law prohibits that.

The law that Seeborg accuses Trump of violating isn't even in English. It is called "refoulement," which is a French term. It is the international prohibition against deporting an asylum seeker to a country where they would be individually targeted. Basically, if someone is fleeing a dictatorship, international law prohibits countries from deporting them back to that country.

But this Obama Judge is going even further than that. Trump isn't talking about deporting Hondurans back to Honduras. The policy returns them to Mexico until their cases can be heardJudge Seeborg says that violates international law because Mexico is dangerous and migrants could be targeted there as well. The whole thing is a sham. Thanks to this asinine ruling, US Border Patrol is already seeing another surge today at the border.

Congress could fix this in an instant. Congressmen Doug Collins (R-GA) and Mike Johnson (R-LA) have introduced the Fix the Immigration Loopholes Act. This common sense bill would close these asylum loopholes and stop illegal aliens from using asylum fraud to gain entry into the country. Democrat and Republican leadership, however, is refusing to bring it up for a vote!

Trump is trying to go it alone, but Obama Judges are literally ordering the border to be kept wide open. The President needs your help before this ruling goes into full effect and it is too late!

Stop this Obama judge before it's too late! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to close the asylum loopholes, or else!

Congress can fix this crisis right now. But both Democrats and Republicans in Congress want to keep the border open. Democrats want to import new voters and Republicans want to import more cheap labor to please their corporate donors.

The political parties aren't interested in protecting you. Only President Trump is fighting to protect the American people!

Judge Seeborg's ruling goes into full effect in just three days. You can still stop this!

We are launching a full campaign to bombard Congress with a quarter million FaxBlasts today DEMANDING they immediately close these asylum loopholes. Phone calls get tallied up by interns and ignored, emails are deleted, and letters through the mail will take too long. Only our FaxBlast system puts your hard copy message into Congressional offices today!

An Obama judge just used international law to re-open the border and order Trump to start letting illegal aliens in. This is an emergency!

Stop this Obama judge before it's too late! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to close the asylum loopholes, or else!

Don't let them get away with this,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily