We have been pushing Congress HARD to subpoena the big tech executives responsible for censoring Americans sharing the Hunter Biden story on social media. We are happy to announce that the vote on subpoenas will happen tomorrow and, yes, conservatives in Congress are also pushing for criminal referrals as well.

But as we fight to hold big tech accountable, it is also important to make sure that the Bidens are held accountable too.

Don't forget, Donald Trump was impeached because when he learned about Hunter Biden's business dealings in Ukraine, he said that it "sounds horrible to me" and encouraged the Ukrainian government to work with the DOJ to investigate it. We tried to force the GOP and Democrats to call Hunter and Joe Biden as witnesses to explain why Trump was so disturbed by what he had learned about their Ukraine deal. But GOP cowards like Mitt Romney refused to allow the subpoenas to be issued...

If those subpoenas had been issued, Joe and Hunter would have said the same things under oath that they were telling reporters: that Joe had no knowledge of Hunter Biden's Ukraine corruption. They would have told the same lies under oath and would be facing perjury prosecution right now.

Instead of admitting their mistake and subpoenaing Joe and Hunter Biden now, these same GOP cowards are now claiming it is too late to do anything about it. They want to let the Biden Crime Family off the hook!

Don't let Hunter and Joe Biden get away with their crimes! Please, send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to subpoena both men and force them to testify immediately!

Let's summarize what we learned this past week.

Joe and Hunter Biden had an agreement stipulating that Hunter Biden had to give his father 50% of what he earned. We know that this was under the table (they didn't report the income) or Hunter Biden held the money until "Pop" left office. We know this from one of the emails detailing how Hunter Biden's holding company was set up. Hunter Biden received a 20% stake in the company and an additional 10% was set aside for "the big guy." Fox News contacted the other people on the email chain who confirmed that the "big guy" was Joe Biden.

This scheme is reinforced by Joe Biden's public financial disclosures. While Vice President, Joe Biden reported an adjusted gross income of just under 400k. In the two years after leaving government (2017-2018), Biden reported more than 15 million in income.

On May 12, 2014, the #3 highest executive at Burisma, Vadim Pozharskyi, sent Hunter Biden an email with the subject line: urgent issue. In the email, Pozharskyi detailed how Burisma was being unfairly targeted by the Ukrainian government and told Hunter that "we urgently need your advice on how you could use your influence to convey a message / signal, etc .to stop what we consider to be politically motivated actions."

Within a year, we know that Hunter Biden had set up an in-person meeting between Pozharskyi and Joe Biden. The Biden campaign admits that the two could have held an informal meeting.

Less than a year after this "informal meeting," Joe Biden was in Ukraine and threatening to withhold 1 billion in US loan guarantees unless the Ukrainian government fired the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma.

Burisma Holdings told Hunter Biden to make their political problems go away and after holding a meeting with a Burisma executive, the Vice President of the United States forced Ukraine to fire the prosecutor who was giving Burisma headaches.

Before, we assumed this was Joe Biden's attempt to protect his child. But now we know that Joe Biden was on the take, collecting 50% of Hunter Bidens' salary. He didn't force Ukraine to fire the prosecutor out of familial love. It seems that he did it to protect his own bottom line.

The emails are real. Hunter Biden's lawyer even tried to recover the laptop after they got wind that a story was coming out about it.

We know that the FBI has had these emails since at least last December, but the Deep State officials refused to do anything with them. They are deliberately protecting Joe and Hunter Biden.

And we know that there are cowards in the Republican party who are eager to do the same. Spineless GOPers like Mitt Romney who refuse to allow any Biden subpoenas to be issued.

We are launching a MAJOR push to force Congress to issue subpoenas to both Hunter and Joe Biden, but we need your help!

Don't let Hunter and Joe Biden get away with their crimes! It is up to you to send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to subpoena both men and force them to testify immediately!

If all of these allegations are true - more and more are confirmed every day - then Joe Biden is the most corrupt individual ever to occupy the Vice Presidency.

And just think about that. The Vice Presidency has very little power. Other than casting a tie vote in the Senate and replacing the President if he becomes incapacitated, the Vice President doesn't actually do anything.

And yet, Joe Biden found a way to profit off of this largely-honorific position. If Joe Biden could find a way to earn millions off of a government position with little to no power, imagine what he would do if he became the Commander in Chief and Leader of the Free World...

That can never be allowed to happen.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media is refusing to give this scandal the coverage it deserves. As I said, the FBI has sat on this information for almost a year, refusing to do anything with it.

Only Congress can force Joe and Hunter Biden to answer for their crimes and only YOU can demand it from them!

Don't let Hunter and Joe Biden get away with their crimes! Please, you need to send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to subpoena both men and force them to testify immediately!

Hold them accountable!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily