Last week, President Trump announced that he was pardoning two wrongly prosecuted military personnel -- Clint Lorance and Matthew Golsteyn -- who were targeted during the Obama administration.

But Trump also issued a directive involving a third person: Navy Special Warfare Operator Eddie Gallagher. Gallagher is a Navy SEAL who received not one, but TWO Bronze Stars for Valor. As you might remember, Gallagher was prosecuted earlier this year for allegedly murdering ISIS fighter on the battlefield. 

Not only were the charges bogus, but the military prosecutors leading the case were actually caught spying on Gallagher's lawyers. The President personally had to intervene when Pentagon officials were caught mistreating Gallagher in his pre-trial confinement. When Gallagher's family came to visit him in prison, the warden forced them to wear hospital gowns and prohibited them from even hugging their husband/father. The reason? The warden said it could arouse the pedophiles in the prison... When the Warden was caught disregarding Trump's orders to treat Gallagher fairly, the President had to intervene again.

Ultimately, the jury returned 'not guilty' verdicts for the murder and war crimes charges. But they did convict Gallagher of the lowest possible crime: posing for a photograph next to a corpse. Embarrassed, the Pentagon sought to strip Gallagher of his rank and his pay as a punishment. Even though he was proven not guilty of war crimes, they wanted to make an example of him anyway.

So, after Trump pardoned these other soldiers, he issued a pardon for Gallagher as well. That means that the Pentagon must reinstate Eddie Gallagher's rank and his pay grade. They have to make it like the trial never even happened.

That should have been the end of it. When the Commander in Chief issues a pardon and a direct order to the Department of Defense, that order is supposed to be followed. But anti-Trump military officials are once again defying the President to target this American hero!

When Trump ordered the Navy to reinstate Gallagher's rank and pay, the Navy responded that they "acknowledge Trump's order and are implementing it." But less than a day later, the Navy's top brass found a workaround.

Rear Admiral Collin Green (shown above) announced on Wednesday that he was convening a review board to determine whether to strip Eddie Gallagher of his SEAL status. Green says that he has the power to determine whether Gallagher deserves to remain a SEAL.

When the President learned of this, he hit the roof. President Trump posted a statement on Twitter:

"The Navy will NOT be taking away Warfighter and Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher's Trident Pin. This case was handled very badly from the beginning. Get back to business."

Again, the Navy acknowledged receipt of this very clear order from the Commander in Chief. But now, Adm. Green is claiming that even though he knows what Trump wants him to do, a Twitter post does not constitute an official command. He is defying Trump once again.

But believe it or not, it gets worse. Gallagher's attorneys have now filed just scheduled a formal insubordination complaint after other officials admitted that Admiral Green Gallagher's hearing for December 2.

I have never seen anything like this before. The Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces has intervened in this case a half dozen times to ensure that Eddie Gallagher is treated fairly. Every time Trump gives an order, the Pentagon officials under him devise ways to ignore the President and defy the directive. They are ignoring a lawful order from the President because they think they know better...

Now, these Pentagon officials are saying that it isn't up to Trump. They are saying that the President of the United States doesn't get the final say in military discipline. This is out of control.

For almost two years, we banded together to put pressure on Congress and the President to intervene and help Eddie Gallagher. He is a free man today because of your activism.

But a handful of Pentagon officials believe they know better than the President. They are literally defying the Commander in Chief to dole out their own punishment. They think they are untouchable. Adm. Collin Green truly thought he would be able to kick Eddie Gallagher out of the Navy SEALS just days after Trump signed a full pardon.

And even though the President has literally ordered him to stand down, Green thinks he has the right to move forward with the hearing anyway... You MUST stop him!

Help save this American hero! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and ORDER them to intervene and stop this out-of-control Admiral from kicking Eddie Gallagher out of the Navy SEALS!

Together, we fought like hell to make sure that Eddie Gallagher got to see his family again. Every time American heroes face unjust prosecution, you heed our call and join the fight to save them.

Over the years, we have literally saved dozens of patriots from having their lives ruined by overzealous prosecutors and out of control judges.

But you can see now that this goes so much further than individual cases like Gallagher's. The Obama administration's political correctness has infected the military leadership, going all the way to the upper levels of leadership.

This has gotten out of control. The anti-Trump Pentagon officials are now defying direct orders from the President of the United States. They are ignoring a lawful pardon to try to make example of this American hero.

You CANNOT let this happen!

Heroes like Eddie Gallagher answered the call to protect protect you. Now, I am calling on you to answer this call and fight for them!

Fight back!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily