Yesterday, Robert Mueller's band of angry Democrat prosecutors were in Federal Court for the sentencing of George Papadopoulos. They were dealt a MAJOR defeat at the hand of an Obama-appointed judge.

In case you have forgotten, Papadopoulos was a "Foreign Policy Advisor" for the Trump campaign. Every campaign has advisory groups like this, and they usually don't do a whole lot. I attended some of these "advisory" committees for the Trump campaign in Colorado. They don't really mean a whole lot and are more for show than anything else.

One day, Papadopoulos was drunk at a bar and bragged to an Australian diplomat that the Russians had Hillary Clinton's missing emails. That diplomat then ran to the Obama administration, and Obama's DOJ and FBI launched a full investigation. 

Under questioning, Papadopoulos was asked by the FBI if he spoke to "anyone with a Russian accent" during the campaign. He responded that he spoke to a lot of people from foreign countries. He didn't, however, specifically name a Russian Professor named Joseph Mifsud. Mueller decided that by withholding this name, Papadopoulos had misled the FBI since Mifsud had a Russian accent.

After the FBI called Papadopoulos out on the "misleading," they asked whether the Professor had any serious connections to the Russian government. George Papadopoulos responded that he felt the Professor was a "nobody" who was "BSing" about his connections to the Russian government.

Mueller determined that the Professor actually did know Russian government officials, so he charged Papadopoulos with "lying" to investigators. The whole prosecution was a sham. 

On Friday, Papadopoulos was dragged into court for sentencing. Mueller's team requested that Papadopoulos be thrown in jail for at least 60 days because he refused to cooperate with the witch hunt against Trump.

Judge Randolph Moss -- appointed by Barack Obama -- examined all of Mueller's evidence and came to a stunning conclusion. Not only did Papadopoulos do nothing to hurt the United States, but there was zero evidence that he colluded with Russia. Mueller's entire case was based on a flimsy accusation that he "misled" Federal investigators.

So, Judge Moss disregarded Mueller's request and sentenced Papadopoulos to just 14 days in jail. 

This sham investigation has been going on for over two years and after all of that, the only thing that Mueller has been able to accomplish is convicting Paul Manafort of decades-old tax crimes and sending a low-level Trump advisor to jail for just two weeks. 

Mueller know's he's got nothing. Russian collusion never happened.

Instead of winding down, he is now demanding the right to interrogate President Trump and search for other crimes he can use to get him impeached!

This has gone on long enough! You need to put pressure on Congress right now and FORCE them to pull the plug on Robert Mueller's out-of-control witch hunt for good!

Mueller is now fishing to try to get Trump on obstruction of justice charges. This is the belief that Trump broke the law by firing James Comey. Even though the Constitution gives the President the authority to fire the FBI Director, Mueller believes that Trump shouldn't have been allowed to do it.

He has nothing on Russian collusion, so he's fishing for something else that could be used to justify impeachment. 

Last week, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer had a remarkable moment of honesty. While marching in a parade, Schumer was asked when Trump would be impeached. He picked up a megaphone and responded, "the sooner the better."

That is Mueller's sole purpose now. Mueller knows that he can't technically charge a sitting President with a crime under the DOJ's current regulations. Mueller, a special prosecutor, isn't even allowed to prosecute the President. 

So what are we doing here? Why are we letting this continue?

A Federal Judge, appointed by Obama, just admitted that Mueller has zero evidence of collusion. Judge Randy Moss declared that the one Trump advisor who actually talked to Russians during the campaign -- who offered to set up a meeting between Trump and Putin -- did nothing to collude with Russia.

Mueller wanted to throw him in prison for 60 days anyway, but the liberal judge refused to do it. This witch hunt has gotten out of control.

This week, Congress is finalizing the rest of the government's spending bills. Conservatives are fighting to include a one-sentence amendment that would shut Mueller down for good, but the GOP is blocking it from reaching the floor!

Shut it down! Put pressure on Congress right now and FORCE them to pull the plug on Robert Mueller's out-of-control witch hunt for good!

The amendment was introduced by Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL). It would pull all taxpayer funding from the DOJ Order that authorizes Robert Mueller's investigation.

If this passes, Mueller wouldn't even be able to restock his office supplies.

President Trump is in the process of declassifying and releasing the fraudulent FISA application that Obama used to start the witch hunt. These are the documents that the Deep State refuses to hand over to Congress and prove that the entire investigation was a sham from the start.

Now that a Federal Judge has confirmed that George Papadopoulos did not collude with Russia, the entire basis for this witch hunt has been disproven.

Yet, Mueller continues, hoping to punish Trump's allies and find something -- anything -- that Democrats can use to impeach the President. The only crime that Trump committed was beating Hillary Clinton and now the Deep State is getting its revenge.

President Trump is now urging Congress to pull the plug on this sham investigation and stop Mueller from wasting any more taxdol lars.

Congress has just one week left to pass all of the spending bills necessary to keep the government funded and running. That includes appropriating funds to the Department of Justice and Mueller's "investigation."

This is literally our last chance to defund Mueller's witch hunt.

It's time to shut this down once and for all!

Shut it down now! You need to put pressure on Congress right now and FORCE them to pull the plug on Robert Mueller's sham investigation for good!


Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily