Remember when Democrats launched their impeachment 'inquiry?' They claimed that it was because they had evidence that Donald Trump was coordinating with the Ukrainian government to influence the 2016 election. They accused Trump of threatening to withhold foreign aid from Ukraine unless the Ukrainians agreed to dig up 'dirt' on Joe Biden.

Well... that turned out to be a lie.

There was no quid pro quo. Trump released the transcript and it showed there was no link between the foreign aid and the discussion about investigating the previous administration's crimes. The Ukrainian President himself says there was no pressure whatsoever and when this call took place, the Ukrainians didn't even know that the aid was being withheld.

So, Democrats shifted their story yet again. Instead of accusing Trump of a quid pro quo, they said that merely encouraging the Ukrainians to launch an investigation against the Biden Crime Family was, in and of itself, a high crime or misdemeanor justifying impeachment.

Well, that narrative is falling apart as well... New reporting released just last night shows that the Ukrainians re-opened their investigation into Burisma and Hunter Biden back in February, months before the Trump call. They did it on their own, without any pressure from Trump.

So not only was there no quid pro quo, but there was also no pressure whatsoever. The whole impeachment inquiry is a sham. It is yet another Democrat-Media-Deep State plot to try to take Trump down. But this time, it is unfortunately working... 

This is not an impeachment inquiry. The Left has already made up their mind that they want to remove Donald Trump from office. They have spent the past year waiting for the right "scandal" to launch their impeachment push.

It has only been two weeks since Pelosi announced the impeachment 'inquiry.' Even though the Left's entire narrative has been disproven, they are still marching us towards impeachment. With the next election now 13 months away, they know it is now or never. If Trump makes it to election day, he will probably be re-elected. So, the Left has teamed up with the deep state and their media allies to take Trump out. And it is working.

A new FoxNews poll shows that 51% of Americans apparently support impeaching and removing Trump from office. There is a ton wrong with this poll, namely that it grossly oversamples Democrats. And when you actually look at the polling internals, only 43% of respondents think that Trump's Ukraine call was a crime. The rest are just anti-Trump Democrats who want Trump removed from office no matter what. But the media is already using this poll to march the country towards impeachment. And Republicans are starting to waver...

Mitt Romney (R-UT) is out front leading the charge to remove Trump from office. We already knew that. He is working with former-Republican Senator Jeff Flake to try to gin up support for impeachment. Two weeks ago, they claimed that there were between 30 and 35 Republican Senators who they believed would support an impeachment investigation against Trump.

When we ran that story, we got a lot of hate mail. People said there was no way the GOP would turn on Trump like that. But here we are now, just two weeks later, and there are now SIX Republican Senators who are publicly supporting Pelosi's impeachment inquiry. In addition to Romney, we have Collins (ME), Portman (OH), Sasse (NE), Thune (SD) and Toomey (PA) who have all declared Trump's Ukraine call was wrong and should be investigated. Portman and Thune say they aren't ready to remove Trump, but still want to get to the bottom of it all.

The Left's impeachment narrative has been a lie from the start, and yet six GOP Senators have already flipped to support Pelosi's "inquiry." It is disgusting.

Romney is promising that there are more flips to come...

You CANNOT let these GOP cowards get away with this!

Fight back! Tell Congress right now that you will remove from office any Congressman or Senator who dares support this impeachment witch hunt against President Trump!

There are a few principled Conservatives left in the Republican party, but let's be honest: the bulk of them only really care about their re-election prospects. They choose their positions based on what the polls say their constituents want them to do.

So it is not really a surprise that as these "polls" show impeachment support increasing, more and more GOPers would turn on the President like this. They think that supporting impeachment will help them hold onto power.

You have an obligation, right here and right now, to prove them wrong!

Our goal today is to bombard Congress with a half million FaxBlasts telling these cowards -- in no uncertain terms -- that if they support or vote for this impeachment inquiry, they will be removed from office. This is the only language these cowards understand.

But we aren't just targeting Republicans. We want to hit the Left as well. There are dozens of Democrats who, in just 13 short months, have to run for re-election in Red districts. And they are just as terrified of having to publicly vote on impeachment.

But we can't do this alone. We need your help right now to take the fight to them!

Fight back,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily