If you have been reading our daily articles for a while, you know that we're not Mitch McConnell fans. He's simply blocked too many conservative bills from coming up for a vote.

But yesterday, he did something pretty remarkable: He rediscovered his backbone.

After all of our pressure campaigns, McConnell announced yesterday that there will be a Kavanaugh vote this week!

We have been demanding that Congress move forward with the nomination and McConnell listened. This comes on the heels of news that the FBI could complete its supplemental background check by this evening. 

The GOP caved to the Left's demand for a delay last week but now, McConnell is moving ahead with the vote. Based on the procedural requirements, the vote could come as soon as Saturday. Of course, Democrats are outraged. Feinstein -- who originally called for the one week delay -- doesn't think that is good enough anymore. She is outraged that the FBI would work this fast.

And now, the RINOs are throwing another wrench in the confirmation process. It was Jeff Flake who caused all of this. He was the one who threw his hat in with the Democrats and demanded an FBI investigation. Last Friday, Flake said that he wanted the FBI probe to be "limited in scope and last no longer than a week."

Now, however, Flake is changing his tune. Despite asking for just that, Flake said yesterday that he was against the FBI running a "limited" probe. He wants them to launch full, unrestricted investigations into "all credible investigations." He also declared that Kavanaugh is too "partisan" to be on the Supreme Court.

All of the swing Republicans -- Flake, Murkowski, and Collins -- are now joining the Democrats in asking Mitch McConnell and the leadership to slow everything down. They claim they need more time to decide how to vote.

Do not let them do this!

Full steam ahead! Send your instant message to Congress and ORDER them to put Brett Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court immediately!

In the House, Democrats just are filing resolutions to impeach Brett Kavanaugh. That's right, if the Senate does end up voting him down, the Left wants to impeach him from the Federal Judiciary entirely. All over completely unsubstantiated allegations.

Last night, news broke that Christine Blasey Ford likely lied under oath in her testimony. She was asked point-blank whether she ever coached someone on how to pass a polygraph test. She said, "never." Late last night, one of Ford's old boyfriends submitted a sworn statement to Congress saying that he personally saw Ford teach a friend how to trick a polygraph test back in the 1990s. She lied. 

Michael Avenatti's "accuser" could also face felony charges. She submitted testimony to Congress that she personally saw Brett Kavanaugh sneak drugs and alcohol into girls' drinks at parties so that his friends could rape them. However, in a television interview, Julie Swetnick admitted that was a lie. She never saw Kavanaugh spike the punch bowl at high school parties. She simply saw him "around" the punchbowl and remembered seeing him hand cups to women at the party. 

"I don't know what he did," Swetnick admitted, "But I saw him by [the punch bowl]."

That is the extent of her "allegation." She went from claiming that Kavanaugh was a "gang rapist" to saying that she remembers seeing him standing near the punch bowl at parties. But Flake is now demanding that the FBI fully investigate her "credible claim" before he would ever consider voting for Kavanaugh. 

This is all about delaying the vote as long as possible. After today, the Supreme Court will have heard six cases this term without Kavanaugh on the bench. Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will meet behind closed doors to vote on what cases to hear in the future. Without Kavanaugh in that conference, the liberal Justices will be able to block the most important conservative cases from ever being heard at the Supreme Court. Liberal lower-court rulings would be left in place.

Mitch McConnell is doing everything he can to move this along. His plan is to have Brett Kavanaugh sitting on the bench in time for next Monday's cases. 

But Flake and the moderate Republicans are demanding an even longer delay.

It is up to YOU to pressure Congress to support Kavanaugh, or else!

Don't let them delay again! Tell Congress right now that they MUST confirm Brett Kavanaugh immediately!

New polling in West Virginia and North Dakota shows that Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Heidi Heitkamp would lose their re-election bids if they vote against Kavanaugh. Polls in Missouri are starting to show the same as well.

Indiana Democrat John Tester declared he was voting against Kavanaugh weeks ago. Yesterday, he changed his stance and said he would reconsider his vote once the FBI releases its report.

This is why the Democrat establishment is fighting back so hard. They can see their wall is starting to crumble. They see that it is now or never and they're fighting with everything they've got.

George Soros' organizations are now sending employees to harass members of Congress. Mitch McConnell just got ambushed at the airport. Ted Cruz was ambushed when he was out to dinner with his wife. They've even stooped so low as to try and blackmail swing-vote Susan Collins into voting against Kavanaugh.

The allegations against Kavanaugh are falling apart more and more every day. The GOP leadership is listening to you. They are scheduling the vote for Kavanaugh.

But as you read this, Flake and the "moderate" Republicans are negotiating with Democrats for another delay.

We're out of time. It is up to YOU to force Congress to put this man onto the Supreme Court!

Do not give the Democrats any more time to block this confirmation!

No more delays! Send your instant and ur.gent message to Congress right now and FORCE them to move forward and confirm Brett Kavanaugh by any means necessary, or else be removed from office!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily