A military commander is ignoring Pres. Trump's order and reimposing restrictions on imprisoned Navy SEAL Hero Edward Gallagher

Fellow Conservative,

We have covered Navy SEAL Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher's (shown above) case in-depth.

The US Military is accusing him of war crimes for allegedly killing an ISIS fighter on the battlefield. For months, this decorated American Hero has been held in restrictive custody while he awaits trial. He was imprisoned in the Brig alongside convicted rapists, murderers, and sex offenders. Conditions got so bad in the prison that guards refused to allow his own child in to visit unless he was wearing a hospital gown. The reason? The guards feared the young boy would excite the convicted pedophiles in the jail.

This was no way to treat a decorated hero who hadn't even been convicted of a crime.

With your help, we bombarded Congress with close to a half million FaxBlasts demanding that they intervene and help this man. Together, we convinced Reps. Duncan Hunter, Dan Crenshaw, and 17 other Congressmen to fight for Chief Gallagher. They personally met with Donald Trump and convinced the President to, at the very least, move Edward Gallagher to a less restrictive prison.

President Trump made the order almost three weeks ago and Gallagher's family rejoiced. They would finally be allowed to call, visit, and hug Eddie.

The Pentagon, however, had other plans. While they moved Gallagher to a lower-security prison, the higher-ups have imposed ruthless restrictions in the hope that he will act out and allow them to move him back to the Brig. Commodore Captain Matthew Rosenbloom has reinstated many of the restrictions that Trump ordered to be lifted.

Edward Gallagher is being forced to wear his uniform all day long, can only eat out of vending machines and a convenience store, lost access to an exercise facility, and, despite President Trump's order, is still not allowed to call or visit with his family or defense attorney unless a military guard is present.

The Commander of this prison is literally ignoring President Trump's order...

Put an end to this tragedy! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and ORDER them to fight for Edward Gallagher and secure his immediate release!

The Commander in Chief of the United States Military ordered Chief Edward Gallagher to be treated humanely and respectfully and the Commander of the prison is ignoring the order.

Captain Rosenbloom wrote Gallagher's defense attorneys and explained that he issued the restriction orders "under the authority provided in me."

"I have reasonable belief: offenses triable by court-martial have been committed; SOC Gallagher committed the offenses; and the restraint ordered is required by the circumstances," Rosenbloom declared.

Edward's wife, Andrea, went on Fox News this over the weekend to beg the President to intervene again.

"It's an absolute nightmare. And I just want to let the President know he's being lied to," Andrea Gallagher said. "There is corruption from the top down involved in this and we're looking to expose it. In the meantime, we're suffering. This case -- legal fees alone -- will be close to half a million. What military family can afford that?"

President Trump issued the order and officers in the military lied to him. They said that Edward Gallagher was being moved to less restrictive confinement, only to turn around and slap the same restrictions on him.

The truth is that Rosenbloom didn't think that Congress, President Trump, or the American People would ever catch wind of what he's doing...

Prove him wrong!

Fight for this hero! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and ORDER them to fight for Edward Gallagher and secure his immediate release!

Edward Gallagher is an decorated American hero. Since September of last year, he has been imprisoned under the worst of conditions.

We all banded together and pressured Congress to intervene. A handful of Congressmen lobbied President Trump directly. However, the Prison leadership has decided to ignore the Presidential order and reimpose these harsh conditions on Gallagher. As a result, he continues to be blocked from spending time with his family or defense attorneys.

Andrea Gallagher is right. This is a nightmare. This man volunteered to serve, became a Navy SEAL, and literally defended our way of life.

He answered the call to fight for us. Now, I need you to answer the call and fight for him.

President Trump's order is being literally ignored and this hero continues to suffer. Please, you must force Congress to use its oversight powers and stop this injustice!

Don't let them get away with this! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and ORDER them to fight for Edward Gallagher and secure his immediate release!


Joe Otto

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