With all of the fake news being peddled about Trump and Russia, it is easy to forget that there are legitimate Obama-era scandals that still need investigating.

Take the IRS, for example. Remember Lois Lerner? The IRS Official who weaponized the tax agency against the President's conservative opponents? Well, she is currently the defendent in a civil lawsuit concerning her targeting of Conservative non-profit groups during the Obama years. Just this week, a Federal judge ruled that her testimony in depositions must remain a secret. If We the People learned what she admitted to under oath, apparently we would be furious.

So, the judge is keeping the testimony locked up, away from the public. As you remember, Lerner refused to answer any questions when she testified before Congress under oath. She pled the fifth.

Since she refused to cooperate, the Obama administration dropped the case and just let her go. They said they didn't have any evidence of wrongdoing.

Yea right... Well, now that evidence exists and it is apparently so important that a judge worried that people would try to kill Lois Lerner if they learned what she admitted.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady is on the case. He has already formally referred Lois Lerner to the Trump administration for prosecution. Now it is time to subpoena Lois Lerner's deposition!

Lois Lerner just admitted what she did under oath! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they seize these secret deposition documents and restart the Lois Lerner criminal investigation!

Just think about this. For the first time, Lois Lerner answered questions under oath about her role in the Obama administration's attempts to sabotage Conservative groups. These answers were video recorded and taken down by a stenographer.

Yet, the answers she gave were apparently so honest that the judge agreed to keep them a secret. The fear is that Lerner would face death threats if the American people ever got wind of what she admitted to.

Yes, when government officials weaponize agencies against their political opponents, they have reason to fear We the People. This woman is a criminal, plain and simple. For so long, she has evaded prosecution by keeping her mouth shut. Thinking that she's out of the woods, she decided to talk.

Congress must subpoena and seize these documents and then make them public as well.

With the appointment of a Special Prosecutor this week, Members of Congress are using this as an opportunity to reopen Obama-era investigations. Lois Lerner is at the top of that list.

The House has already referred Lerner for additional prosecution. Now it is time to finish this and force them to subpoena these deposition documents!

Prosecute every Obama administration criminal! Send your message to Congress now and FORCE them to subpoena Lerner's testimony and restart the investigation into her crimes at the IRS!

We are diving head first into this. With the Democrats pouring all their resources into an evidence-less investigation about Trump, we are going to fight like never before to force Congress to restart all of the investigations into real Obama administration crimes.

That includes Eric Holder and Fast and Furious, Loretta Lynch and the infamous Clinton tarmac meeting, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen and the lies he told under oath, all of the lies and crimes committed by Susan Rice, and of course, Lois Lerner and her crimes against the American people.

The Democrats want to dance? Let's dance.

Our goal is to bombard Congress with 100k faxes today demanding that they reopen the Lerner investigation and seize her damning, but sealed, deposition testimony. If you are able, please join us in this effort. Then we'll get to work going down the long list of the Obama administration's crimes.

A Major GOP leader is restarting the Lois Lerner investigation! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they subpoena this sealed deposition testimony and restart the investigation into Lerner's crimes!