Senate Republicans have bent over backwards to try to accommodate Christine Blasey Ford, Brett Kavanaugh's "accuser."

They relented and agreed to let her testify before the committee on Thursday, the day she wanted.

But now, less than 48 hours away from that hearing, Ford's lawyers just sent Chairman Chuck Grassley a letter warning that she is unlikely to show up. Why? Because Grassley is having a trained sex crimes prosecutor ask the questions.

Ford wanted a full investigation, so Grassley is going to give it to her. During Thursday's hearing, she will be questioned by a trained prosecutor and will have to deliver her answers under oath.

Ford's attorneys are demanding that the GOP bow down again and prohibit any trained lawyer from asking her questions during the hearing. Considering the fact that most of the Senators on the committee are lawyers, I guess she just wants to sit in her chair silently for an hour...

This hearing "does not appear designed to provide Dr. Blasey with fair and respectful treatment," her lawyer wrote the committee yesterday. She is demanding the name and resume of the person that will be asking the questions, so that Ford can decide whether or not to attend.

Once again, this woman is backing away from her commitment to testify and demanding a new hearing date. Dianne Feinstein agrees and is also demanding that the hearing be cancelled.

The Left will keep doing this. They have already delayed Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation vote for well over a week. They will keep stalling and rolling out bogus "accusers" until they get what they want: a delay util after the midterm elections.

Do not let the GOP give up again!

Stop this right now! Send your instant FaxBlast and STOP the Republicans from caving to the Left and delaying Kavanaugh's confirmation any more!

Over the weekend, the New Yorker released an article detailing another "allegation" against Brett Kavanaugh. The woman -- Deborah Ramirez -- accused Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her at a party.

She even gave the magazine a "witness." Except just like the last accusation, the "witness" completely denies her accusation, even accusing the woman of having political motivations. The entire second allegation has fallen apart.

Now, Stormy Daniels' lawyer is coming forward claiming that he found another woman willing to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of made up crimes.

This will not end. As long as the GOP continues to bow down to the Left's demands, they will continue to trot out bogus accusers.

They know the stakes. The Left knows that if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed, there will be five solid Conservative judges on the bench for the first time in a century. They will do and say anything to keep him off the Court.

Because of these delays, Congress will no longer be able to confirm Brett Kavanaugh before the Supreme Court begins its term on October 1. That means that the Court will have to move forward with just 8 Justices on the bench. Liberal lower court rulings will be left in place and without the fifth Conservative, important pro-gun and pro-life appeals will be denied.

Every day the confirmation is delayed will do untold damage to this Republic.

Now, the GOP is gearing up to accept another delay. Ford is once again refusing to commit to testify on Thursday and is demanding more time and better terms.

Enough is enough!

No more delays! Tell Congress they MUST confirm Brett Kavanaugh right now and bust through these delay tactics!

This will never end if the GOP keeps bowing down to the Left's demands. They will stall and delay until they have the votes to block Trump from putting anyone onto the Supreme Court. 

It has to end.

Congress must vote on Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation immediately. No more stalling... no more delays...

These accusers have no evidence, no corroborating witnesses, and every time they name someone who was allegedly there, they completely deny the allegations. 

Why is Congress falling for these lies? 

It is up to YOU to force Congress to find its backbone before it's too late!

Stand your ground! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to bust through the obstruction and confirm Brett Kavanaugh immediately!

I warned you that George Soros' organizations were bussing protesters into Washington DC to disrupt the hearings. Last night, Senator Ted Cruz and his wife were accosted by angry leftists while out to dinner. 

They have just one goal. Stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed. They only need to flip two Republicans.

Now, the GOP leadership is once again "negotiating" with the Left. 

The future of this country is on the line right now and the Republicans are more interested in surrendering to the Left...

No more stalling! Send your instant and FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to move forward and confirm Brett Kavanaugh by any means necessary, or else be removed from office!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily