Lindsey Graham forcing vote on clean immigration bill this week! It fixes the asylum loopholes and DOES NOT give amnesty to any illegal aliens!

On Saturday, the brave men and women of Border Patrol had to use tear gas and pepper spray to stop a group of at least 50 migrants from storming the checkpoint in McAllen, TX. The rush came at 4 a.m.  The illegal aliens rushed the border fence and started tearing down the razor wire that Pres. Trump had installed.

Border Patrol agents rushed to stop the incursion and turn the mob around. The angry migrants started attacking the agents, punching, kicking, and even trying to steal their weapons. The only reason they were forced back is that Border Patrol deployed tear gas canisters and pepper spray.

These migrants rushed the border because they know that if they stepped one foot onto US soil, they would automatically get to stay.

That is how broken our immigration laws are. Any illegal alien can step one toe onto American soil and then claim asylum. Under the law, asylum is supposed to be limited to people fleeing targeted political, religious, ethnic, or racial persecution. More than 90% of all asylum claims at the border are being rejected once they finally reach a courtroom. The system is so overloaded, however, that it currently takes more than 730 days (that's more than two years) for a court to issue a final ruling on asylum claims.

What this means is that illegal aliens can lie to Border Patrol, claim that they are "fleeing for their lives" (even though they aren't), and they won't have to answer for this fraud for at least two years. Congress refused to give ICE enough funding to detain these people, so that means that they are ultimately released with a "notice to appear" in court. Barely any of these asylum frauds show up to their hearings. Instead, they disappear into American society, waiting for Democrats to give them amnesty... But even without amnesty, giving birth to a child on American soil gives them automatic protection from deportation.

Now, realize that Border Patrol will capture and release close to a million of these illegal aliens this year.

But there is a solution to this. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has a bill that would close these asylum loopholes and stop the invasion at our border, and he is trying to force a vote THIS WEEK!

Stop the border invasion! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to pass Lindsey Graham's asylum-fix bill as-is, with NO amnesty amendments!

The legislation has two main provisions: it would (1) increase the maximum amount of time families can be detained from 20-days to at least 100-days and (2) require that all asylum claims be made in an applicant's home country or the first safe country they reach.

These are important fixes. The first part would abolish something known as the Flores Settlement. This was a settlement in a Clinton-era court case that said the government can only detain illegal alien children or family units for 20-days. Considering that asylum cases are taking two years now to make it to court, the 20-day limit guarantees that any illegal alien who shows up with a child in-tow will get released into the country. Smugglers know this. DNA tests have started showing that 30% of people who show up to the border with a "child" are not biologically related to them. One illegal alien man was even caught buying a six-month-old baby girl for 80 doll ars just to be able to pretend she was his. Increasing the detention time to 100 days would allow Border Patrol and ICE process these illegal aliens without having to release them into the country.

And the two-year court backlog would disappear if applicants were forced to apply for asylum in their home countries. Just to put it in perspective, foreigners can already do this. They can go to a US embassy in their country and formally request asylum. But practically none of them are doing this. Anyone with a valid asylum claim would obviously prefer to apply from their home country and avoid the dangerous and expensive journey to the US-Mexico border. But but the asylum seekers that Border Patrol is catching don't have valid claims... They are simply trying to take advantage of this broken system.

Combined, these two provisions would eliminate the incentives driving the border crisis and give the administration the tools to deport people making these fraudulent claims. No more catch-and-release.

For weeks we have been hearing from our sources on Capitol Hill that Graham was going to cave and offer Democrats an amnesty trade in exchange for these fixes. As the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he has the power to add whatever amendments he wants to bills leaving his committee.

Well, today we can confirm that the bill does not contain amnesty provisions. Instead of legalizing the millions of illegals in the US, the bill would simply restore humanitarian aid to countries that Trump defunded this year, but only after the asylum loopholes are closed.

Graham has just announced that he will be forcing a vote on his bill this coming week. But he can't do this alone. He needs your help!

Join the fight! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to pass Lindsey Graham's asylum-fix bill as-is, with NO amnesty amendments!

This is exactly what we have been asking for: real fixes to the asylum system to stop the invasion at the border and no amnesty trade-off.

And this is our chance to push it through. But even now, there are Democrats and Republicans who don't want to touch this. They have spent the better part of thirty years keeping these loopholes open and they aren't about to give up now. Democrats want to bring as many new voters into the country as possible and Republicans serve their corporate donors, who want more cheap laborers so they don't have to pay American workers more.

That is why Congress has refused to pass this common sense fix.

But now, we have a pathway to push it through. Lindsey Graham has Trump on board and even Chuck Schumer has said he is willing to talk about passing the bill.

But we are racing the clock. Congress must start the process this week if there is any hope for this legislation passing before the end of the fiscal year.

Now is the time to push this through and end the invasion at our border once and for all. But you need to get loud right now!

Stop the invasion! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass Lindsey Graham's asylum-fix bill as-is, with NO amnesty amendments!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily