Breaking: GOP Traitors are making their move, voting with Dems to make Mueller the most powerful person in the country!

In the Soviet Union, Josef Stalin had a saying: 'You show me the man, and I'll show you the crime.' If Stalin wanted someone destroyed, the secret police would find something to use to send them off to the gulag. Or they would just manufacture a case against them.

This is precisely what the Mueller investigation has become. For the entire time, they weren't investigating Trump in search of something -- anything -- that could be used to take him down.

When Robert Mueller was appointed, we were told it was necessary to further investigate the allegations that Donald Trump and his campaign coordinated with the Russian government to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. As delusional as that statement is, it is what Leftists believe. 

But a simple fact remains: Robert Mueller is not going to be able to prove "collusion" and he knows it. So, he is trying to take the President down in any way that he can.

He targeted Trump's former campaign chairman for decade-old tax crimes. Now, Mueller is targeting Manafort again for lying to prosecutors about lawful conversations he had with White House officials. These conversations were perfectly legal, but because Manafort didn't disclose them all, he's going to go away for a long time.

The same goes for Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen. Mueller targeted him for tax crimes related to his taxi medallions. During the investigation, Mueller found that Cohen had lied Congress about when the Trump organization had stopped considering a Trump Tower project in Moscow. Cohen told Congress conversations ended in January of 2016, but Mueller found evidence they talked about it a few times after that.

Papadopoulos was sent to jail for almost two weeks for not telling Mueller about a conversation he had in a bar back in 2016 with a man who had a "Russian-sounding accent. Seriously, one of the charges against George Papadopoulos was not remembering someone's accent. Mueller is targeting Trump ally Roger Stone for a direct message (DM) -- sort of like a text message -- that he sent to Wikileaks on Twitter. 72-year-old Conservative author Jerome Corsi is being threatened with an indictment because he forgot about an email that he forwarded two-to-three years ago. 

None of this has anything to do with Russian collusion. Everything that these people are being accused of -- conversations in bars, forwarded emails, etc -- is legal and constitutionally protected. But Mueller doesn't care. His only mission is to reverse the 2016 election results, no matter what it takes to do it. And the GOP cowards in Congress want to give him as much time, power, and funding as he needs to finish the mission!

Please don't let these GOP traitors make Mueller the most powerful person in government! Send your instant letter to Congress now and FORCE them to kill the Flake-Coons Mueller protection bill!

Now, Robert Mueller is going after Donald Trump and his family. Donald Trump Jr has told his friends that he expects to be indicted because he was tricked into attending a meeting during the campaign with a Russian national who was an informant for Fusion GPS, the same political firm that created the nonsense Trump-Russia dossier.

But the real kicker is what we learned about Mueller's case against President Trump. It has nothing to do with collusion. It has nothing to do with Russia. He isn't even focusing on the obstruction of justice allegations for when Trump fired Comey. Mueller's sole case is that Trump paid off women during the campaign and didn't file it as a campaign expense.

For practically everyone else in politics, this would be a slap on the wrist. But Mueller sees this as a chance to destroy a President. Months ago, we warned that Robert Mueller would charge the President with jay-walking if it meant he would be removed from office. A campaign finance charge is the political equivalent of jay-walking. The Obama campaign faced numerous campaign finance charges and were always let off with a fine. The dossier itself was funded by the Clinton campaign, but never reported to the Federal Elections Commission, but she's being let off the hook too. Only Trump is being targeted.

Trump had every right under the law and the constitution to enter into non-disclosure agreements to protect his reputation, his business, and his family. It's only a crime if prosecutors can prove he made the deals solely for political reasons with campaign funds. Mueller is arguing that because Trump largely self-funded his campaign, anything he did was a campaign expenditure... This is a horribly weak argument, but this isn't about convicting the President in a court of law. Mueller knows he just needs to make a political case to justify impeachment.

Democrats are already licking their lips. They take control of the House in less than three short weeks. When they do, they are going to team up with Mueller to destroy the President by any means necessary.

And the cowards in the GOP want to help them. They are pushing amendments that would not only protect Mueller's funding, but make it impossible for anyone to fire him!

Don't let these GOP traitors make Mueller the most powerful person in government! Send your instant letter to Congress now and FORCE them to kill the Flake-Coons Mueller protection bill!

James Comey testified on Capitol Hill this week. He was surrounded by lawyers who told him not to answer questions or say he didn't remember (which he did more than 200 times). It is amazing that after being remember so many details in order to write his book, Comey suddenly suffered from memory loss when he was under oath...

But Comey did make a startling admission during his testimony. He admitted that the Trump-Russia dossier, which was financed by that Clinton campaign and illegally funneled into the Justice Department, was not verified "before or after" the FISA warrants were issued. 

This is a big deal. Comey admitted that even after the FBI began spying on Trump campaign officials and listening in on all of their phone calls, they still hadn't verified any of the dossier. Robert Mueller's entire appointment was to investigate nothing but a rumor. So, it is no surprise that Mueller has stopped investigating collusion. The Clinton campaign couldn't destroy Trump. Neither could James Comey and the FBI. So now, the establishment is resting their hopes with Robert Mueller.

We've just learned of something truly disgusting taking place in the Republican ranks: Dozens of GOPers, many of them leaving office at the end of the year, are working with Democrats to protect the Mueller probe from ever being shut down. The push is being led by RINO Jeff Flake.

Flake's bill would protect Robert Mueller from ever being fired by the President or Attorney General. Only a three-judge panel from the US District Court in the District of Columbia would be able to decide to fire Mueller, and they would only be allowed to do it for cause.  On top of that, Mueller's funding would classified as "essential government work," meaning that government shutdowns wouldn't affect the investigation and future Congresses would be blocked from pulling the plug.

The GOP should be using their final days to push a conservative agenda. But they were just caught teaming up with Democrats to make Mueller's anti-Trump crusade permanent!

Send your instant letter to Congress before it's too late! Tell both the House and Senate that they MUST kill the Flake-Coons Mueller protection bill, or else!

If this bill passes, Robert Mueller will become the most powerful person in the entire US government, without receiving a single vote in the election or even being confirmed by the Senate.

Flake just announced that the House and Senate versions of the bill have enough votes to pass. He is trying desperately to attach it to the next round of spending bills, but is also threatening to force a vote if Mitch McConnell tries to block it again.

It's amazing that after all of the lies that Obama and Clinton advisors told Congress over the years, they were never prosecuted. But the Special Counsel's office wants to take Trump down so badly, they are filing whatever charges they can. 

If Mueller had it his way, this witch hunt would never end. And that is exactly what these anti-Trump Republicans are trying to do! They want to make Mueller's appointment permanent and protect him from ever being fired.

The amendments have already been drafted. Flake and his allies are going to try to add this Mueller protection legislation to the must-pass spending packages coming up for a vote. They know they're running out of time, so they will have to make their move this week.

It is up to YOU to stop them before it's too late!

Send your instant letter to Congress before it's too late! Tell both the House and Senate that they MUST kill the Flake-Coons Mueller protection bill, or else!

Please help us stop this madness,
Joe Otto

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