Liberals spent the month of September celebrating. House Democrats pushed their gun control package through committee and Senate Republicans were actually negotiating with them to find "middle ground" on gun control. Even President Trump seemed eager to pass some form of gun control.

But now that Pelosi has opened up her impeachment "inquiry," progress on these bills has stalled.

Liberal activists are furious. They are demanding that Pelosi hold the vote on their gun control package. For the last two weeks, Democrats have been negotiating with Republicans in secret to try to reach a compromise on gun control. Even with the impeachment fight going on, the GOP establishment is still looking for new ways to give YOUR constitutional rights away...

The Left now believes they have reached that "compromise." Instead of advancing their semi-auto gun ban or nationwide firearm registration bills, they are willing to settle for the red flag bill, formally known as the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act.

This isn't a compromise whatsoever. This bill would give the government the power to disarm innocent people and revoke their 2nd Amendment rights without even having to accuse them of a crime.

And the GOP is agreeing to pass it!

Here is how the Red Flag laws work. If police believe that someone is "dangerous," they would be able to petition a judge for a firearm confiscation order. Once that confiscation order is served, police would seize the target's firearms. The disarmed gun owner would then have to wait weeks for a court date before they could fight to get their firearms back.

It would then be up to the gun owner to convince a judge that they are innocent. If they succeed, then they would get their firearms back. But if the judge isn't convinced, then the disarmament order would be extended for a year. Once a year passes, the gun owner would be able to petition the court again to get their rights back.

All of this happens without any criminal charges being filed. The police do not even need to accuse the gun owner of breaking the law. The entire process relies on hearsay evidence from family members, friends, co-workers, or neighbors who want the gun owner to be disarmed.

This is grossly unconstitutional. Not only does it clearly violate the 2nd Amendment, but it also tramples on Americans' due process rights.

In order to lose your gun rights, the government has to prove -- beyond a reasonable doubt -- that you broke the law or are mentally deranged. You are supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

But under the Red Flag system, that whole premise is turned upside down. Gun owners are presumed guilty until proven innocent and the gun owner has the burden of convincing a judge that they deserve their rights. This is so un-American...

And yet, that is exactly what the GOP is now endorsing. The Senate version of this bill was written by Lindsey Graham (R-SC). After months of promising that the bill was coming, Graham believes that the time is right to surrender on the 2nd Amendment...

During an interview last week, Graham urged Democrats to work with Republicans and agree to pass his gun confiscation bill.

"Work with us on guns," Graham pleaded, "Bill Clinton did two things at once [during impeachment]: defend himself and govern the country."

Even though the Left is trying to drag the President out of office, Graham is still begging them to work together on a gun confiscation bill.

Well, the Democrats are taking him up on his offer...

Put a stop to the GOP's gun control betrayal! Tell Congress right now, in no uncertain terms, that any Congressman or Senator who votes for this Red Flag bill will be removed from office!

This is what Democrats have always wanted. This legislation would give the government the power to disarm innocent people without even having to accuse them of a crime. 

If this bill passes, there is no coming back...

It would transform your right to keep and bear arms into a privilege that can be revoked at any time. It would force innocent, law-abiding gun owners to convince the government that they deserve their rights...

The GOP thinks they need to 'do something' on gun control in order to save their political power. They believe they can trade away your gun rights and still win re-election.

It is up to you to convince them they're WRONG!

To war,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily