Traitors: Lame-Duck Republicans are working with Democrats to make Mueller's witch hunt permanent!

In 9 days, Congress must pass a new spending package to keep the government running. We have been fighting tirelessly to ensure that legislation includes full funding for the border wall and the President's border security programs.

But the establishment has other priorities. Right now, spineless GOPers are working behind the scenes, and frankly even out in the open, to turn Bob Mueller into an all-powerful FOURTH branch of government.

The proposal is being led by traitor Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and his best-friend Chris Coons (D-DE). If passed, it would protect Robert Mueller from being fired and give liberal judges in the DC Circuit Court the power to decide whether Mueller's witch hunt is allowed to continue.

No one has ever voted for Robert Mueller. He has not even been confirmed by the Senate to hold this position. One man -- Rod Rosenstein -- decided to appoint him to investigate the President, his friends, and his family members.

The Flake-Coons bill would make Mueller untouchable. President Trump would not be allowed to fire him. Acting-Attorney General Matthew Whitaker wouldn't be allowed to fire him. Even Congress wouldn't be allowed to fire him. That power would be transferred to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. In other words, Robert Mueller would be the most powerful person in government without ever receiving a single vote...

It has been 18 months and we have seen absolutely no evidence that anyone in the Trump administration colluded with the Russian government. And yet, Robert Mueller continues to try to squeeze Trump's advisors and even family members to get them to confess to non-existent crimes. He doesn't care how long it takes or how many lives are destroyed. Mueller is out to destroy the President and he won't stop until he does it!

Don't let these GOP traitors make Mueller the most powerful person in government! Send your instant letter to Congress now and FORCE them to kill the Flake-Coons Mueller protection bill!

This week, Jeff Flake introduced his Mueller protection bill into the Senate and asked for unanimous consent. This is a mechanism that allows Senators to suspend the rules and fast-track bills directly to the floor. If even one Senator objects to a unanimous consent motion, then the motion is blocked.

Mitch McConnell blocked Flake's motion on Tuesday. When he tried again yesterday, McConnell blocked him again.

Now, the GOP traitors are taking a different approach. They are trying to slip this bill into the upcoming spending package. Flake has already announced he will block the rest of President Trump's judicial nominees until Congress gives Mueller more power.

This legislation has already passed through committee with Republican votes. The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the Mueller protection bill with a vote of 14-7. Four Republicans -- Sens. Thom Tillis (NC), Lindsey Graham (SC), Chuck Grassley (IA), and Jeff Flake -- joined the Democrats to push it through.

McConnell blocked the legislation as a standalone bill. So, these same Republicans are working to push it through as an amendment to the omnibus spending package. They have the votes.

In the House, lame-duck Republicans Ryan Costello (PA), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen(FL), and Leonard Lance (NJ) are pushing an identical companion bill. All three are either retiring or were defeated because of their anti-Trump positions. They don't care anymore. They never wanted Trump to win and now, on their way out the door, they're trying to tear him down once and for all.

In both the House and the Senate, defeated Republicans are trying to use their final weeks in office to make the Mueller investigation permanent. But it isn't just lame duck politicians. Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) won re-election this month with 100% of the vote. That's right, 100%. He has also signed onto the Democrats' version of the bill to make Mueller untouchable and has promised to help the Republican traitors as well.

They're not even trying to hide their plan anymore. They are attaching the Mueller protection amendment to the spending package and are going to force Trump to sign it!

Don't let these GOP traitors make Mueller the most powerful person in government! Send your instant letter to Congress now and FORCE them to kill the Flake-Coons Mueller protection bill!

Just this week, we saw how far Mueller is willing to go to destroy the President. The Special Counsel's office is now threatening to jail a 72-year-old man named Jerome Corsi for forgetting about an email he forwarded back in 2016. Corsi had tried to amend his testimony after he remembered the email and Mueller was willing to let his memory lapse slide months ago. But once Corsi stopped being a useful witness, Mueller tried to slap him with a charge for lying to the FBI.

Just this morning, we see President Trump's former lawyer pleading guilty to lying before Congress. His crime? He told Congress that discussions about a legal Trump Organization project proposal ended in January of 2016 when they actually had continued for a couple extra months. For getting the dates wrong, Cohen will be sentenced to prison.

It's amazing that after all of the lies that Obama and Clinton advisors told Congress over the years, they were never prosecuted. But the Special Counsel's office wants to take Trump down so badly, they are filing whatever charges they can. Now, there is news that Mueller might be targeting Donald Trump Jr. as well...

If Mueller had it his way, this witch hunt would never end. And that is exactly what these anti-Trump Republicans are trying to do! They want to make Mueller's appointment permanent and protect him from ever being fired.

The amendments have already been drafted. Flake and his allies are going to try to add this Mueller protection legislation to the must-pass spending packages. This will happen in the next week.

It is up to YOU to stop them!

Send your instant letter to Congress before it's too late! Tell both the House and Senate that they MUST kill the Flake-Coons Mueller protection bill, or else!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily