I told you. Establishment Republicans were just waiting for an excuse to ditch Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the Democrats threw everything at the wall, hoping something would stick.

Last week, they went lower than I even thought they were capable of. They leaked an anonymous letter claiming that Brett Kavanaugh forced himself on a girl at a high school party when he was 17.

They had this letter since July and deliberately held onto it for just in case Kavanaugh was going to be confirmed. Dianne Feinstein even sent it to the FBI for them to "investigate." They took one look and said they weren't interested. 

Kavanaugh's accuser doesn't even remember what year the alleged assault happened in or whose house she was in. All she can say is that it happened "sometime in the early 1980s." She told no one at the time that it allegedly happened and didn't bring it up to anyone until 2012, when Brett Kavanaugh was rumored to be Mitt Romney's top Supreme Choice if he were to win.

Brett Kavanaugh has vehemently denied all of this. The "friend" who was allegedly in the room said that the allegation was "just absolutely nuts." But this isn't about getting to the truth. If it was, the Democrats would have questioned Kavanaugh about this under oath. This is simply about stopping President Trump's supreme court nominee by any means necessary.

The accuser -- Christine Blasey Ford -- is a registered Democrat and Bernie Sanders supporter. This summer, she joined the ACLU in condemning President Trump's border security policies, accusing the President of deliberately "traumatizing children" through the "intentional infliction of pain." The letter she signed was used by the ACLU to sue the President.

This is nothing but another partisan smear.

And yet, here we are. A liberal activist member of the anti-Trump "resistance" is claiming sexual assault 35 years ago, has no evidence whatsoever, and Republicans are falling for it...

Don't let the RINOs surrender the Supreme Court! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and force them to move forward with the confirmation vote on-schedule!

I told you from the beginning that Senator Jeff Flake was the one we had to be most worried about. Not only has he promised to block all of Trump's nominees, but he left the country this summer and went to Africa in order to block Trump's nominees from making it through the Judiciary Committee.

Flake is a lame duck Senator. He was forced to resign after early polls showed him losing his primary by double digits. He drank the NeverTrump kool-aid and it backfired. Now, he has committed his final months in office to blocking the Trump administration wherever he can. 

Sen. Flake sits on the Judiciary Committee and just issued a statement last night, demanding that Congress delay Kavanaugh's confirmation.

"I've made it clear that I'm not comfortable moving ahead with the vote on Thursday if we have not heard her side of the story and explored this further," Flake said.

This is why the Democrats waited over two months before leaking this information out. They could have called this woman to testify during the hearings. Instead, they waited until just days before the final vote, once they knew it would have the maximum impact.

Now, Senator Bob Corker -- another NeverTrumper forced to retire in disgrace -- is joining Flake and asking for a delay.

Democrats are celebrating. They think they've won. 

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If they block Kavanaugh or force Congress to delay the final confirmation, then the Supreme Court will have only 8 Justices on the bench this term. Not only will that have a devastating impact on the cases currently on the docket, but it will let liberals block important conservative cases from winning their appeals and being heard.

On every important conservative issue, there is a case appealing to the Supreme Court. On gun rights, a case in Hawaii challenging that state's ban on carrying guns is just weeks away from filing its appeal to the highest court. Without Kavanaugh on the bench, that appeal will fail and tens of millions of Americans will once again lose their gun rights.

On the issue of life, there are close to a dozen cases appealing to the Supreme Court to restrict abortions and stop the mass slaughter of viable unborn babies. One of those cases is a ban on the most gruesome abortion method imaginable: dismemberment abortions. Liberal judges on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned this ban and declared that dismemberment abortions were a "constitutional right." Without Kavanaugh on the bench, that insane ruling will stand.

There are cases involving illegal immigration and refugees that seek to challenge the President's immigration enforcement, crucial free speech cases, voter ID laws being challenged, you name it... Every issue we have been fighting for is now making its way to the Supreme Court. Without Kavanaugh on the bench, the 4 liberal Justices can reject any case they want.

This is exactly what Democrats want. If they can force Congress to block Kavanaugh, then they have a chance to retake the Senate in November and block whomever Trump nominates. That is their plan and Republicans are falling for it.

If this was about getting to the truth, the Democrats would have released this information 6 weeks ago when they first learned of it. But they sat on it until the last possible moment to achieve the maximum impact. Now we have a dedicated liberal activist accusing a Judge of assault and even though there is NO evidence to corroborate it, Republicans are giving in to the Left's demands.

They think they can get away with stabbing Conservatives in the back like this and surrendering the Supreme Court.

Not on our watch!

Fight back! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and ORDER them to move forward on Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation... or else!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily