The GOP's gun control surrender plan just leaked and it is really, really bad.

I warned you that we couldn't trust the GOP to hold the line on gun control...

Republican staffers, believed to be from Ted Cruz's office, just leaked a gun control memo that is being circulated around Capitol Hill. The proposal from the Attorney General's office would create a universal background check system that would give the government the power to create a nationwide registry of American gun owners.

This is what the Left has always wanted. They need a gun registry in order to carry out their confiscation goals. They need to know who owns what guns.

Democrats tried to push this plan through back in 2013 and we rose up to stop it. Now, the GOP is resurrecting this Obama-era proposal and trying to push it through before you can stop them again!

In order to enforce background check laws, the government has to have access to the records of the sale. This is how it works when you buy a gun from a licensed gun dealer.

The dealer submits the background check to the FBI and notifies the government that you are buying a gun. The dealer then has to keep a record of the sale and make it available to government agents on demand. That way, the government can track gun purchasers down if necessary.

But the GOP gun control proposal that just leaked would apply these same rules to private gun sellers as well. If you sell or transfer a gun to another private individual, you would have to notify the government of the transfer and then maintain a record of that sale for 20 years. That is right, 20 years. And if the government ever asks you for those records, you would have to surrender it. If you lose the paperwork, or it gets destroyed, then you would face fines and potentially even criminal charges.

The cat is out of the bag. We know that Democrats' end goal is nationwide firearm confiscation. It is not just Beto O'Rourke saying it anymore. Every single Democrat Presidential candidate is currently endorsing some form of gun ban and government-run "buyback" of Americans' weapons. Kamala Harris has endorsed O'Rourke's confiscation plan and even Joe Biden is now saying that Americans will need to give up their guns...

The Left is literally telling us that they want to confiscate our guns. It isn't a theory anymore.

Their confiscation program, however, is impossible without a nationwide gun registry. If the government doesn't know who owns what weapons, then they don't know what houses to raid.

But now the Republican Establishment wants to give them that registry. They want to pass a bill that would give the government the ability to know every time a firearm changes hands in this country and create a database of America's gun owners...

Kill this universal gun registration bill before it's too late! Tell Congress right now that any Congressman or Senator, Republican or Democrat, who dares vote for this gun control bill will be removed from office!

Every time a country has ever created a gun owner registry, they have eventually used that registry to launch country-wide confiscation raids.

Venezuela is a perfect example. In 2002, the Venezuelan government started registering all civilian-owned guns. A decade later in 2012, the country officially banned guns and started confiscating them from the citizens listed in the registry. Today, the Venezuelan people are powerless to fight back against the tyrannical socialist government.

Ted Cruz is fighting to kill this proposal because he understands what is at stake.

"I think Democratic members of Congress, a great many of them, want a national registry because the ultimate policy they want is gun confiscation. That is a terrible policy and it would make people less safe," Cruz declared.

But the Texas Senator fears it may be too late. Republican cowards are already signing onto the gun control plan.

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) is feverishly writing the legislation so that the GOP can bring it to the floor. Lindsey Graham, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, is promising to push the bill through as soon as it is finalized. Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and at least six other GOP Senators are also endorsing the gun registry proposal.

This terrible gun control bill has the votes to pass in both the House and the Senate. And the White House is refusing to say, one way or another, whether the President will sign it. This is bad. This is really bad!

If the GOP and their Democrat allies are able to push this through, there is no coming back. If the government gets the ability to monitor and record all gun sales and transfers, nationwide confiscation all of a sudden becomes doable.

This proposal leaked. You weren't supposed to know what they were planning. They wanted to keep you out of the loop so that you couldn't fight back and stop it.

But now you know, and with that knowledge comes a responsibility to fight back!

Your brother in arms,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily